From Then to Now

Six years ago Mr. H and I sat on a lumpy couch in the midst of a the chaotic hostel I was living in and decided that the past two weeks were amazing and we became a couple.

then 2008

It did not matter to us that he was going back to Sweden the next day and I was on a short term visa in England. We had plans and we were together in them so we set out on a journey that very few people thought would work.

then 2009 us

Here we are though all these years later happier than we ever thought possible.

2010 then us

I could say it has not always been easy, and waiting for visa paperwork to come through is always stressful, but being together has been the easiest thing I have ever done in my life.

2011 then us

Everything else I can think of to say sounds like a huge cliche but those phrases are around for a reason so we fit together and complete each other and all that malarkey.

2012 then us

The truth is though that we make our relationship number one in our lives. We listen to each other, we look out for each other, and we are always making sure that we are the top priority and are moving forward in life together.

then 2013 us

We celebrated on Saturday with a fancy dinner out and drinks, today is all about normal life with work and grocery shopping but I cannot help and wonder what the next six years will bring us and where we will be celebrating 12 years.

now 2014


Perfect Fall Day

John Donne Autum quote

Yesterday I wrote that at breakfast I was waxing on about my perfect fall day to Mr. H and Amanda asked what it was so I thought I would share today and let me know in the comments what yours is!

First is waking up in bed not hot and sweaty. Then a breakfast with fresh rolls, cheese, and giant mugs of hot coffee.

fall leaves

After breakfast a shower that I stay dry after because the humidity is super low and I can get dressed in a big sweater and leggings.

Then we head out for a leisurely  stroll to the lake and enjoy nature without a fear of tick bites.

ducks in the pond fall

Upon arriving home we have a lunch of soup and buttered bread then settle into a reading session with mugs of tea.

I then put a nice roast in the oven and we play a game of Scrabble as the house fills with wonderful smells.

autumn fog with trees

As night falls we snuggle up under blankets and watch Hocus Pocus with a giant bowl of popcorn and are quite happy and content with our perfect fall day.

My Solo Weekend

I have always lived with people, from 1 other person to 30 that is just how it has been. That means in my whole life I have been alone all night in a place at most 10 times. This past weekend though was the first time in 6 years I was home all alone all night and not just one night but two!

I knew it was coming for months since we decided that Mr. H would go to his sisters wedding solo so I kept trying to plan it out in my head. I knew that if I planned what I would eat, shows I would watch, and things I would do it would be easier for me.

I can understand that many people will think it is totally sad that at a week shy of 29 I would feel so apprehensive about being alone but it really is just not the norm for me.

Anyways I kept getting annoyed at myself for having the terms “girls weekend” pop into my head over it as just because I was going to be home alone did not mean I going to do some weird girl rituals I would just be a person at home.

However I think that I ended up in falling into a few stereotypes!

cheese and cracker meal

Everyone knows there is no need to cook if you have some cheese and crackers handy right? I even had salami and skagenröra so it was deluxe!

Photo on 7-13-14 at 12.03 AM

Watching TV in bed is awesome, especially if you have the whole king size bed to yourself, and you have ice cream, and you can take a picture of yourself to send to your husband. I think I am going to do this on my birthday as it was just that much fun.

reading in bed

Over the weekend I managed to read two books since I could read peacefully with no need to get up and do dishes or make dinner since the cheese and crackers take about 2 minutes.

full blogging set up

I also spread out my stuff and blogged and read various things online for ages then just left everything to deal with later or when the next round of blogging hit me!

After all my worrying it turned out feeling just like Mr. H had some very long shifts but I still prefer him home if I can choose!

Solo Eating

solo eating


The other day I sent this Buzzfeed article 29 Things Married People Do When Their Spouse Is Out Of Town and asked him what he thinks I do from the list when he is gone.

He responded eating out of bowls for sure, well when I sent him the link I was eating leftover green bean casserole out of a bowl!

It got me thinking though that without meaning to I eat vastly different when I am home alone then when Mr. H is home.

1. I eat most of the meals on the couch, when we are home together we only ever eat on the couch when we are sick or hungover. When I am home alone though the table just seems so big and the couch is so comfy, especially smack dab in the middle!

2. I watch TV when I eat, with Netflix every show is just waiting for me to start it so I can sit back on the couch and have a multi sensory eating experience! When Mr. H is home we try to keep the TV off and talk, it works about 90% of the time unless you guessed it we are hungover!

3. I play the crazy food mashup game.  In the picture above I am eating  lettuce, carrots, shredded cheese, salsa, graddfil, then cut up and reheated black bean enchilada because you know just reheating the enchilada and eating it off a plate would be so boring!

5. I will sometimes just eat leftovers cold out of the container they were stored in the fridge in, it saves me washing additional dishes and is faster.

6. Number 5 mostly happens though because I will get caught up in what I am doing around the house, ie watching TV and looking at stuff online, and then realize it has been hours and hours since I last ate and am past hungry into hangry territory.

So what about you do you eat different when you are home alone?

Back to Normal and Popsicles

hair pile

Last night Mr. H shaved off all his hair! It was fun though since it was so long I got to cut off chunks before he started shaving, he kept saying though I was pulling to hard and I was like if you have never had your hair french braided by your mom when she was in a hurry you have no idea what pulling too hard is!

Fredrik shaved head

After we finished he posted this picture and his mom, my grandma, and me all said well that is the Mr. H we know! He looked great with his long hair but for most his life he has shaved his head and it just suits him so well!

Well in other news it is Friday and that is always reason to celebrate!

We just had popsicles on the balcony and have wine, fajita fixings, and chips for tonight.

I also wrote down a little stack of Would you rather and Top 3 prompts to have fun with tonight. We always play games but sometimes it is nice to break it up and do something different.

Have a bippity boppity boo weekend!

May Boys Behind the Blog

This is the last official Boys Behind the Blog but I think I should still do these every once in awhile as I love seeing what Mr. H is going to say!Mr. H BBB

1. What was your first job? Ummmmm at the age of 15 when I worked in a cafe, well cafeteria you know like playing games and drinking coffee with the elderly. (In Sweden this is a semi common summer job for youths, they go into the elderly homes and brighten them up a bit which I think is great)

2. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Yeah what is the biggest risk I have ever taken  he said while giving me pointed looks. Quitting my job and giving up my apartment to move to California with you. It was a calculated risk and paid off quite well.

3. What is one thing you can’t live without? Music, wait should I say you? (put in parentheses Bailie to be a dork) ahhhhhh true love

4. What is your least favorite food? I don’t know, because I never eat yucky food anymore, did you write that? Ok…… Meals with no meat I guess. (One time like 5 years ago I served him noodles and carrots for dinner and he always thinks I am going to do it again for some reason)

5. If you could time travel, where/when would you go? Probably to the 70’s to witness all the awesome bands of that era. Go to concerts and party in England or the US.

Mal Smiles

Boys Behind the Blog: II

After lulling him into happiness from a homemade lunch I got Mr. H to answer the questions for this months Boys Behind the Blog. I think it is so fun to see if I can guess what he is going to answer and this time I was right on three of them!

Mr. H collage

These are the set of pictures that go along with the ones I posted of me being hungover!

Your significant other’s blog; a blessing or a curse? A blessing because you seem to really like you have found friends and sometimes you win prizes, it seems to make you happy!

 Do you read your wife’s blog? Rarely, sometimes because I get curious about what it says.

What is one thing you can do better than anyone you know? Interacting and talking with patients, it is what a good nurse needs to be able to do.

What is your favorite TV sitcom from the 90’s? Friends it is just awesome or Fresh Prince oooo no Friends. (When I moved in with him he had all the seasons of Friends on DVD so I ended up watching the whole series over the course of two months since I was not working)

 If you were opening a small business or shop, what would it be? What goods or services would you sell? Bar, craft beer bar with burgers and pizza sounds cheesy but it is the best combo.


His and Hers Snacks or Why I Am Jealous

his and hers snacks

So remember when I said I was trying to be all around healthier in my last post. Well obviously that has to do with food right and not only main meals but snacks as well.

On Sunday we went to pick up boring things like toilet paper and conditioner and were in the mood for a snack for when we watched a movie later.

However since I am being all healthy I got an apple and Mr. H got candy.

Yeah being healthy really sucks sometimes…..

Ugly Selfies are My Thing

So you know when you go to the hospital or doctors and 95% of the people working are female. Well some people when their husbands are working in that environment might feel the need to do their hair and makeup or at least put on a proper outfit for when their husband comes home. Or maybe even send them a cute selfie randomly.

Yeah that is not me at all.

post workout selfies

That there is a collage of all the pictures I have taken of myself on my computer and then iMessaged Mr. H at work recently.

I know you are totally jealous and wish you had some of those on your phone to look back through right.

But in all honesty sending him not so pretty pictures is one more step to keeping me accountable on my workouts. I mean it would be really easy to just say I worked out when I was home alone right and no one would ever know. If I send Mr. H a picture though I have to look bad in it because anyone that knows me in real life knows I tend towards sweaty so they actually make me get up and do it and push a bit so I look like a hot mess!

Yeah we can tell I have serious anti working out issues I need to deal with but for now all these little things are helping.

O and once Mr. H sees the picture he always messages back something like “good job” or “yayyyyyyyy” which makes me happy.

Ok one last thought as I just looked at the collage again before hitting publish I have no idea what is up with the thumbs up but I started and cannot stop doing it in the pictures.

Boys Behind the Blog

I have seen this link up a few times and since I enjoyed reading it so much I thought why not join in! Also Mr. H thought it was fun and was ready to answer way more questions!

1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

London because it has everything that I want.

Fredrik in london

London 2010

2. Sand or snow?

Sand, I hate snow thought I liked but no I hate snow.

f in snow on fall day

Sundsvall 2013

3. What Winter Olympic sport would you rock at?

I would have to say curling, I could be a mean swiper.

4. You’re cooking a romantic dinner- what is your go-to dish?

I don’t know a steak and a bottle of wine.

5. Fill in the blank: This year, I gave (your wife/girlfriend/fiance’s name) a ____________________ for Valentine’s Day?

A night out.

I did!!

Some nice beers and dinner!


Las Vegas 2011

Hope you liked learning more about Mr. H!