Ugly Selfies are My Thing

So you know when you go to the hospital or doctors and 95% of the people working are female. Well some people when their husbands are working in that environment might feel the need to do their hair and makeup or at least put on a proper outfit for when their husband comes home. Or maybe even send them a cute selfie randomly.

Yeah that is not me at all.

post workout selfies

That there is a collage of all the pictures I have taken of myself on my computer and then iMessaged Mr. H at work recently.

I know you are totally jealous and wish you had some of those on your phone to look back through right.

But in all honesty sending him not so pretty pictures is one more step to keeping me accountable on my workouts. I mean it would be really easy to just say I worked out when I was home alone right and no one would ever know. If I send Mr. H a picture though I have to look bad in it because anyone that knows me in real life knows I tend towards sweaty so they actually make me get up and do it and push a bit so I look like a hot mess!

Yeah we can tell I have serious anti working out issues I need to deal with but for now all these little things are helping.

O and once Mr. H sees the picture he always messages back something like “good job” or “yayyyyyyyy” which makes me happy.

Ok one last thought as I just looked at the collage again before hitting publish I have no idea what is up with the thumbs up but I started and cannot stop doing it in the pictures.


11 thoughts on “Ugly Selfies are My Thing

  1. Love this B! I think anything that makes you accountable to working out is key–be it meeting people for workouts, sending selfies, whatever! :) Congrats on such amazing progress! Oh and as an aside, no worries on the thumbs up–in almost all my race photos I do the same two handed wave pose. I need something new desperately! lol! Keep up the great work!


  2. I hate taking selfies and rarely send anything to Mr Tide like this, but I think it’s a really cute idea. I definitely need to get better at taking my own photos so that I can entertain Mr Tide while I’m away for 6 months!

    • O yes you will need to send him all sorts of pictures. I always try and remember he does not see all the things I immediately see as flaws with my 28 yrs of training he just sees me as a whole!

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