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Earth Day

Sundsvall Rainbow

Did you know today is Earth Day? I had no idea till I went online this afternoon, story of my life about most things, and I was like o yeah I remember making bird feeders or something like that way back in elementary school on Earth Day.

We are lucky to live in a corner apartment and I took this picture minutes before I took the one I put up yesterday. One day, one time, two totally different views and that is what is so great about the planet.

Wherever you are today if you look you will be able to find some beauty in what the earth does regardless of us.

It is wonderful and humbling and something I enjoy so much more the older I get.

Kahlil Gibran quote with flower

While we are still living in Sundsvall I plan to get out and enjoy how close and real nature is for us. Today we walked to town instead of taking the bus and it invigorated so much to feel the sun on me and feel my body working.

I also am planning on getting into the woods, via the trails, and maybe learning a few bird calls or knowing a bit more about what type of squirrels I am seeing.

I am not sure if I will banish my fear of bees but that among other things is not going to keep my feet from the grass or the wind from my hair this year.

Up to Date

April Rainy Sunset


Hello!!! This was the view outside our living room window last night. It was raining but the sun was still shining through making it this wonderfully hazy surreal look.

So often I think about where we are going after Mr. H graduates and no matter how excited I am about our plans I am sure I am going to miss views like this.

Reading: The last book I finished was The Uninvited by Liz Jensen which was major creepy and good. It is about a worldwide paradigm shift starting with children attacking prominent adults in their life, very well written and intriguing topic but I could not get past that I had found it in the YA section. I mean I know that many YA books have dark themes but this one was not a YA book in the first place and then that it dealt with youth killing adults as the main theme it just was more of a WTF library moment. I am actually planning on telling them when I return it.

Writing: Our short grocery list, we just did a four day shop this week to tide us over till pay day.

Monday – Herby Grilled Pork Loin and Pasta Salad

Tuesday – Chipotle Kabobs with Rice and Tunnbröd

Wednesday – Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken Strips and French Fries

Thursday – Mexican Pasta Bake

Out of the four meals two of them I found on one of Amanda’s Pinterest Boards! I am a slightly wishy washy Pinterest person but some days it is so good for meal planning!

Thinking: About our summer trip and how I think I need to start making a plan since my grandparents will be here in 6 weeks and it seems crazy soon!

Smelling: Leftovers, I think we can all agree one of the best things about holiday food is eating it again the next day for lunch right. Sometimes I just want to scoop it all into one big pile and eat it like that which is probably weird but mmmmm holiday food.

Wishing: That today was not a holiday too in Sweden so the repair guy would come and fix our shower. Ever since Thursday morning we have only been able to take 45 second showers or else the bathroom will flood. Also ironically I have therefore only been able to use my new conditioner like twice since I do not have enough time to add it in my 45 second shower.

Hoping: So I am going to double up here and hope the repair man comes first thing tomorrow morning!!

Wearing: Cuffed jeans and a black tank top. So I am short, did you guys know that I am on a very good day with a person that sucks at measuring 5′ 1″, and so jeans are always dragging on the ground so I love when the weather warms up and I can cuff the to the perfect ankle length and wear flats.

Loving: That the winter damp is gone and the summer humidity has not hit so my hair dries fast and my skin is not all clammy. The perfect combo for getting ready and still looking good hours later!

Wanting: Tazo Iced Tea, today Mr. H and were talking how the perfect iced drinks weather has come (holy crap how much about the weather am I talking today!) and it made me miss my car, Starbucks, and iced beverages.

Needing: To workout later, I usually get it over with in the morning but today I had to do up the shopping list and then actually go shopping so I pushed it off till later.

Feeling: Happy!!! Mr. H has not had school so we have been hanging out and playing games and listening to music and it has been so wonderful. I know come Summer he will be at work all the time so I am very much enjoying these days.

Watching: On Saturday we watched Rock of Ages and I totally loved it, Mr. H kept asking what the story line was and I was like music ok just people singing just enjoy it!

Well that is me all up to date what have you been up to?

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Mr. H and I have fun plans for this weekend and while sadly we will not be Easter egg hunting we will be eating and drinking some good stuff and enjoying the time together. Fingers crossed we will have the good weather planned and so we can do all of those things on the balcony!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend no matter your plans!!

Boys Behind the Blog: II

After lulling him into happiness from a homemade lunch I got Mr. H to answer the questions for this months Boys Behind the Blog. I think it is so fun to see if I can guess what he is going to answer and this time I was right on three of them!

Mr. H collage

These are the set of pictures that go along with the ones I posted of me being hungover!

Your significant other’s blog; a blessing or a curse? A blessing because you seem to really like you have found friends and sometimes you win prizes, it seems to make you happy!

 Do you read your wife’s blog? Rarely, sometimes because I get curious about what it says.

What is one thing you can do better than anyone you know? Interacting and talking with patients, it is what a good nurse needs to be able to do.

What is your favorite TV sitcom from the 90′s? Friends it is just awesome or Fresh Prince oooo no Friends. (When I moved in with him he had all the seasons of Friends on DVD so I ended up watching the whole series over the course of two months since I was not working)

 If you were opening a small business or shop, what would it be? What goods or services would you sell? Bar, craft beer bar with burgers and pizza sounds cheesy but it is the best combo.

Boys Behind The Blog

His and Hers Snacks or Why I Am Jealous

his and hers snacks

So remember when I said I was trying to be all around healthier in my last post. Well obviously that has to do with food right and not only main meals but snacks as well.

On Sunday we went to pick up boring things like toilet paper and conditioner and were in the mood for a snack for when we watched a movie later.

However since I am being all healthy I got an apple and Mr. H got candy.

Yeah being healthy really sucks sometimes…..

A Workout Update – Complete with Selfie Comparison!

I wrote back in March about my workout incentive of spending 100 kr at H&M for working out 5 x per week and I am happy to say I succeeded! To make it work I had to wake up extra early on the Friday we took the train to Stockholm and do a workout which really surprised Mr. H and I but I was determined to meet my goal.

Today I finally made it to town to pick out my winnings. I felt like a little kid waiting for the ice cream man and had to look at just about everything in the store even though I knew I was leaning towards some new makeup. I did find a cute shirt and dress but they were both over my budget so I then tried on sunglasses and looked at the shoes before making my way back to the cosmetics section. All the time I was looking Mr. H was at Clas Ohlson, a store kinda like Ace Hardware mixed with Radio Shack mixed with Frys maybe ahh it is a store that boys like ok, but he was done so got to help me narrow down my choices.

After we both decided I had tons of lipstick and nail polish I decided on these two items:

H&M eyeshadow and blush

I am already a big fan of their eyeshadow palettes and this one has all the colors that are wore out on my current ones.

I have never used blush before much because back in California there was always sun to make me not so pale but with these Northern winters I really could use some color. I tried it on once we got home and Mr. H said it cheered my face up, and then quickly added that I looked pretty before which made me laugh and I said I was glad because that is exactly what blush should do!

Now just to have a fresh face tomorrow to try out the new eyeshadows!

For April my goal is again 5 x a week and my prize is hair dye.

These are things I could technically just go get anyways but I really felt so proud of myself and happy today to pick out things that I felt I had earned. Also with the obvious benefit of weight loss with working out I am more eager to do up my makeup and hair.

march 3rd april 14th

I also wrote about my post workout selfies and I am so glad I started them now as it is such a great way for me to see the changes and keep motivated.

In addition to my monthly goals I thought I needed something bigger and I decided that my goal is to celebrate my 30th birthday, in July of 2015, in shape physically, mentally, and health wise.

Mr. H has been encouraged too and we are trying to slowly change some other habits like snacking mindlessly while watching TV during the week.

We figure that if we can make this good things habits by my 30th we will be helping to ensure ourselves a future free of bigger medical and emotional worries. Really Mr. H working in the hospital was a good wake up call on how taking care of yourself can never go wrong!

Meals of the Week – Ham, Tomato and Cheese Grilled Sandwiches

Well this week I could not decided which days to have which meals so this is what we are having in some order but for sure we will be having our modified Easter meal on Sunday. We decided not to do a full traditional meal like we did last year since it costs so much for just two people but when I saw beet salad in the grocery store flyer this week I had to have it!

Jessica Lynn Writes

Marinated Pork Kabobs with Rice

Lemon and Parsley Chicken with Mashed Potatoes

Hoisin Glazed Pork Loin with Mushroom and Onion Pasta

Crunchy Taco Casserole

Stuffed Pork Loin with Rice

Chicken Fajitas

Scaled Down Easter Meal – Meatballs, Janssons Temptation and Beet Salad


Ham, Tomato and Cheese Grilled Sandwiches.jpg

So this is a meal that Mr. H requests all the time and I always say yes because it is so easy and I thought I would share it this week since it is great if you are going to end up with lots of leftover Easter ham or actually just a little ham will work for this too and most the other ingredients can vary by what you have on hand.


Ham or Kassler – I normally use about 200 grams or one lunch meat size per piece of bread

1-2 Tomatoes Sliced

Cheese – You want a cheese that melts but not browns – with that being said I usually just use whatever is in the fridge

Mustard – I prefer a grainy mustard for this but like with the cheese use what you have

Sauce – Mix a heaping spoon of mayonnaise with relish and hot sauce – Ok third time’s a charm but seriously if you are not into mayo skip this and use some creamy salad dressing or once again whatever you have on hand

 Sliced Bread – super good way to use up some sorta stale end of the week bread

What to do:

Heat the oven to about 180 C / 375 F

Cover a baking sheet with baking paper

Lay your bread out on the baking paper

Spread a layer of your sauce of choice on bread

Lay your ham or kassler over the sauce

Spread a thin layer of mustard on meat

Lay tomato and other desired veggie on mustard

Cover generously with cheese

Bake until the cheese is melted and just bubbling

Enjoy with a side of kettle chips!


Sunday Currently – Clean Laundry and Healthy Snacks

an apple a day

These are my favorite posts of the week, collecting all the tidbits of the week and reflecting on life currently!

Reading: While doing laundry today I finished Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie, it had a huge plot twist in the end that left me wondering if anyone in real life would go to those lengths. I guess I should hope I never find out!! The copy of the book I read also had the most wonderful cover.

Dead Man's Folly Agatha Christie

I love these old copies my grandparents find. The page edges were red and the book had that wonderful aged smell.

Writing: Scrabble scores, well that was really Mr. H but this week I am going to try and blog about book three of our Scrabble score keeping we have started.

Listening: After the recommendation from Kelly Lyfe I started listening to J. Roddy Walston & The Business and then got Mr. H hooked and they have been on almost all weekend!

Thinking: What a great thing stability is, this is going to be the first year in ages I have lived in one place and it is giving me a wonderful feeling of plan making and excitement over the idea of no packing up!

Smelling: Sesame, last night we tried a new recipe and it used Hoisin Sauce which I am now in love with. I now want to use it in all the recipes!

Wishing: That the glorious Spring weather could come without her friend hay fever, all week I have sounded like a schoolchild as I am all snively and head coldy from the forest coming back to life.

Hoping: To finally get to H&M this week and spend my winnings from last month’s exercise challenge. I am thinking some new eyeshadow and blush unless there is a dress I just cannot live without on sale.

Wearing: So a few months ago my grandma called me out on the fact that it seems I am always wearing the same Old Navy capri running pants and she is totally right because I am wearing them yet again today. However they are extra special today as it was the first day of the year I was able to go out with my ankles exposed since it was a balmy 52 F out!

Loving: Apples, now this may seem odd but I am usually not a fruit fan but last week I had a great granny smith apple, pictured above, and today I was so in the mood for another. I guess this whole working out thing starts making you eat healthy too!

Needing: A lightbulb, we have this hideous lamp in the living room but it was from Mr. H’s apartment from before I met him and so we have been using it since we do not want to spend money on a new one but the light bulb finally burned out this week  and of course it is not only ugly but has a weird one that we have to go to a special store to buy.

Feeling: Odd that Easter is next weekend. Since it is just the two of us we are not planning to do anything and it is making me miss the days when I knew my mom would have a giant Easter basket waiting for me in the morning.

Watching: We usually watch The Mindy Project on Hulu the day after it airs in the US but Mr. H is being a chicken and is nervous what is going to happen with Mindy and Danny so we still have not watched it which is driving me bonkers!

Stockholm- The Sights

When Mr. H and I go on weekend trips we like to pick one main sight to see whether that is a museum, famous monument or area of town and then set it to be seen on whichever day is our full day in the city. This way we get some structure but also lots of flexibility to walk down the street that looks cool or sit for hours in a fun coffee shop we find. It also helps us keep costs down as entry fees can be quite high and luckily for us if we visit somewhere in Europe and feel we need to see more we have the option to return in the future.

stockholm the sights

For our weekend in Stockholm we decided to visit the Vasa Museum. We chose this as our paid sight because the cost was low, 130 kr for me and 100 kr for Mr. H with his student ID which they checked, and because Mr. H had visited almost 10 years  ago exactly so we thought it would be fun to see what he thought now vs then.

Vasa Museum 1

When you initially walk in you are in a large open area with the recovered ship filling the main space and I will admit I was like ummm cool but where is all the other stuff we surely did not just pay to see the ship right! Even when I grabbed a map I was still a bit confused but eventually we got our bearings and spent about two hours exploring the museum. I am not sure if we saw every little bit of info but we were satisfied by what we saw and had fun taking pictures and reading all of the various plaques and displays they had.

One reason we left is because the lighting was dim to help preserve the ship which was making us tired and we were hungry and knew we could find cheaper food than was being served in their cafe.

Vasa Collage

I love taking silly pictures and I think that what I liked best about the Vasa Museum was they had all sorts of interactive things to take pictures with and made the experience of the boat sinking come to life that much more.

In the bottom middle picture Mr. H is trying to point to where we live on that map but it was hard to get close enough. In the bottom left picture I am in a diving bell, the picture I posted yesterday is Mr. H in it. He is also a foot taller than me and stood up in it but I was too scared!

If you are in Stockholm I would highly recommend visiting but I would say to either take the elevator the top or bottom and work your way in the opposite direction rather than starting in the middle like we did.


Also of note is that the museum is walking distance to many other museums and located in this lovely green space along the water. If you are of the picnicing persuasion this would be a lovely place to, we just sat along the water for a bit and felt refreshed but were a bit jealous of the others that thought ahead and had snacks!

The Royal Palace

On Sunday our train did not leave till the afternoon so after we checked out of the hotel we stored our bag and went out on a walking exploration. Since we have both been to Stockholm before we did not have anything particular in mind and since it was such a nice day we just really set out towards the shops.

We walked a route from our hotel down to a small square that was having a market then down a street of shops and ended up at The Royal Palace. Now Stockholm is home to two palaces but I was excited to see this one since, from the outside only, as I have seen it on TV for the royal weddings. Also our last name translates to home castle so I thought it was apt for us to take some pictures out front because you know we obviously belong there! (Edit to add when Mr. H saw he said o it is The Royal Man at the Royal Palace!)

We then took the same path back, doing a coffee stop, and relaxed in the hotel lobby a bit before heading to the train station.

Stockholm Street Collage

Thoughtful Thursday – II

thoughtful thursday


- This week I could not wait for it to be Thursday since then I got to use this graphic I made again! I did not talk about it before but the background pattern is a picture of snow I took from my window on the walkway in front of our building. I thought it looked so fun and a bit like a coral reef.

- Yesterday I had my first migraine that messed with my vision and it was so so so so so scary. It lasted about 10 minutes and I will say there was one moment that actually made me laugh after. When Mr. H was trying to have me describe what I was seeing I told him it looked like a portal to a different universe was opening up. So maybe I have watched too much Fringe lately huh!!!

- On another Fringe related note in an episode I recently watched they played a She Wants Revenge song in the background and today I am finally listening to the album and reliving memories of getting out of psych 100 late on Thursday nights and driving down the 57 and 55 fast with the windows down and the album blaring. Such young and happy days!

- We cannot stand the person that lives above us, we have never met them but they are so loud and alway drilling things. We kinda thought it was just us being uptight though until on Sunday the person that lives below us came up asked us if we could stop all the noise since her kid was trying to nap and I was like that is not us it is the guy ABOVE US. So yeah he is mega loud if the people on the first floor can hear him on the third floor and we are now justified in not liking him!

- There is an older gentleman that lives in an apartment near us I am assuming but everyday I see him walking around and around the block of flats we live in and he always looks so peaceful and happy. I have wondered if perhaps he uses that time to prayer or something and today he had a woman with him and I am just so curious about them. I am not very familiar with various types of traditional dress but the woman today had a really pretty scarf covering her head.

- Yesterday it was sunny so we wanted to get out and exercise rather than do it inside so we combined it with a trip to our favorite junk shop and found two glasses for 10 kr total that are going to be perfect for beer tasting. They are similar to the ones we used at Mikkeller and seriously for 5 kr a piece I do not care if we use them once and they break, wait no they are really cute I would be sad if they broke actually.

- Speaking of glasses I do most the dishes around here because I am home more but I hate washing any of our special glasses. Basically if it is store in the kitchen cupboards I will wash it but if it is stored in the china cabinet I make Mr. H wash it. I just have this huge fear of breaking things and being upset that they are broke and getting cut by glass. Mr. H is a pro though and usually hand drys them right away too which is even better.

I was hoping to do all my posts about Stockholm like bam bam bam and then hahaha that has not happened but here is a picture of what I will hopefully blog about soon!

Fredrik in Diving Bell

Yeah we know how to take awesome vacation pictures ;)