One Lovely Blog

I have been able to meet two bloggers in real life, which for living in the middle of nowhere is pretty good I think, and one was the very lovely Emma. Or as Mr. H calls her the British Kiwi Emma, seriously he asked me about five times if she was really from New Zealand as she whizzed us through London like a pro.

Now I can be a bit ummmm lets say easily distracted and way back in summer sometime Emma nominated me for a Liebster Award and I copied the questions down in Stickies and then just saw them yesterday. So I am going to combine this One Lovely Blog Award with those questions!


The rules are pretty straight forward;

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post (or elsewhere on your blog).
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some other blogs to receive the award – blogs that you admire for sharing stories in a “lovely” way.

Fact: (Battlestar Galactica)

1. I have never had my hair professionally cut in Sweden, I always just hack away at it myself and wait till we visit California and get it done there.

2. I do not own a pair of plain white socks, they are all either crazy colored or patterned preferably both.

3. We have no ceiling light in our bedroom since when we tried to put one up I accidentally shorted the breakers and we just gave up after that.

4. I want to get a quail tattoo as it is the state bird of California and my dad would also love it.

5. I can bend over and touch the floor with my palms which always impresses people but I think it is more to do with being short than how flexible I am.

6. I hate the sounds of lawnmowers and dream of living somewhere where I never have to hear one again.

7. It usually takes me over an hour to do a blogpost because I click away to other tabs or leave the room and forget all about it!

1. Who or what has inspired you to travel? I am inspired to travel because I like to see how things work, I like to see for myself if Greeks are really very friendly and if you can really find amazing pastry all over France.
2. Backpack or suitcase? Suitcase that I can convince Mr. H to drag, I hate the sound of those little suitcase wheels clacking along a street.
3. Song that epitomises travel for you. America by Simon and Garfunkel
4. What period of time would you most like to visit? I would love to see New York city in the 50’s, so much energy and life feeling fresh in a new post war world.
5. What’s the strangest food you really want to try? I have no idea, maybe camel I tried horse so camel seems the next logical step right.
6. Beach, mountain or jungle? O hells no ever the jungle to many bugs and ugh just no jungle ever, not even the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. Mountains though I like, not Bear Grylls style but a nice cabin with views of trees and a lake I can handle.
7. What is your best piece of travel advice? Only do and go where you want, if that means doing a picture in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or trekking through the Amazon then do that and you will be happy and do not give a rats ass what others think.
8. How do you like to unwind after a long day on the road? At a cozy pub with a cheese platter and a cider.
9. If you had a super power, what would it be? Can never gaining weight be a super power because if so I want that one.


Cynthia from Adventurings – I really like the way she blogs about living abroad in a straightforward way like me!

Kaelene from Unlocking Kiki – Want to feel motivated to appreciate the world around you, read this blog!

Sarah from The Mountain Rambles – A brand new blogger whose posts already have me hooked.

Jennie Shaw – If you like to laugh, read well written book reviews and be amazed by what people can do with nail polish then Jennie is the girl for you.

Always and Never about Sweden

I very rarely ever blog about Sweden directly. The reason is that I know if I say in Sweden x,y, and z happen and this is why it is really only the Sweden I know I am blogging about.

The Sweden I know is tainted with having a husband from a certain area, Skåne, and his ideas about life and the fact that he lived in America for 2 1/2 years.

The Sweden I know is tainted with my Americanness, my education, and my ideas about life.

The Sweden I know is also tainted by the place we currently live and the people I have known in my time here.

So it is not the Sweden you know from your life, or TV, or looking up pictures of Alexander Skårsgard online.

The Sweden I know is a deep and personal thing to me and one that I often keep to myself as I even after three years am still very protective about it and it is in a fragile state at times.

However I am always blogging about Sweden as this is my life.

Every part of my life is now infused with Sweden.

My memories now have a filter of that was America and this is Sweden. My tastes in food and clothing have altered with the growing of myself in a new place. My interest about politics and public policy have been heightened.

Then all of that filters down into when I blog about our meal plan and our anniversary.

So yes this is a blog about Sweden even without posts about the joys of cheap fast internet and the headache that is CSN.

Not With Me!!

Our building has a front and back entrance. The front entrance you can enter either with your key fob or by using the key pad and having the person you are coming to see buzz you in. The back entrance you can only use your key fob for entry.

front entrance

When you are walking up to either entrance the whole area is very visible. Now when I am alone and coming to either side if I see people waiting to get in I walk around to the other side so I do not have to let them in.

I do this for a few reasons:

I am sure they are perfectly fine ordinary people but what if they are not, I do not want them robbing or causing harm to me or others in our building.

What if someone in the building does not want to see them. I always think if I was avoiding someone so did not buzz them in and then someone came along and just let them in I would be pissed.

I hate talking to strangers, if you walk up to the door and in and someone is standing there you are bound to have to say something to them.

Mr. H thinks it makes sense but that I am a bit extreme in my avoidance of letting people in and will not often go all the around the buildings to avoid it himself.

So what would you do, I am curious if I am just a typical paranoid Californian or that you think this is totally normal too.

O and I so far have found no solution for leaving the building and not letting a person go in behind me without seeming like a real crazy lady!

A name is a name is a name


My dad is named Robert as is my mothers brother. My dad has always been called Robert and my uncle Bobby, so much so that Mr. H did not even know my uncle was named Robert till we had been together for like two years.

The thing is my dad would be ok if you called him Robbie, his mom actually used to on occasion, or Bob or Rob my mom however would give you such stink eye. She will even correct a person on the phone if they call and ask for Robbie.

With her militant stance for calling people by their full name she made a point of naming her children names that had no common nickname nor could they easily be made into one. She was also pretty adamant that we would be the only one in our grade with our name which she managed for the first two but they went with a Biblical name for the youngest and you cannot escape other people using it sometimes.

She did a great job though with me as I have never been called anything besides Bailie, even Mr. H has tried to give me a nickname and failed as my mom did such a good job of ingraining that I was Bailie just Bailie.

Funnily enough though my brothers and I love to give people and things nicknames. I have at least three I use interchangeably for Mr. H, they are so common in our house that if I call him by his actual name he gets all worried that something is wrong.

Like I said though we do not just stop at people we love to shorten or nickname EVERYTHING!

In our house these are used all the time with no explanation needed:

The A Store – Åhléns

The Boob Store – Öob

P&R – Parks and Recreation

A Dad – American Dad

Pal – What I call my grandpa, I am the only grandchild to do this

Ghost mug – White and black mugs we have, they are small so we will even use to ask what size in relation to other mugs

Grillers – Sandwiches with melted cheese made in the oven

Ok I think you get the idea! It is such a funny way to end up rebelling against your parents though huh and to still be doing it at 29!

So are you in the nickname love or hate camp?

Thoughtful Thursday IV

thoughtful thursday

1. I wanted to just do IIII in the post title and then was like nah this is the internet and someone will freak out be like that is not how one does Roman numerals. O and I felt a tiny bit smart that I remembered how to do it right because I mean really in my housewife line of work they do not come up often.

2. Laura has up the links for all the Day in the Life posts and they are super fun to read, especially if you like a good old fashioned nosy blog post. Check them out here.

3. The internet is totally crazy and weird sometimes. In March of 2012 I posted a recipe for Honey Pork Ramen then in October 2013 I linked to it in a comments section on This Week for Dinner relating to a post she did on making ramen at home. Then on Tuesday I logged onto WordPress and was shocked to see a huge spike in my stats, that post over the last three days has gotten 796 views!!! It is honestly just boggling my mind but go forth and eat ramen I guess!

4. Mr. H and I have this joke that depending on how much I read in a day you can tell how sick I am but now it has changed to how many pictures I post on instagram. The other day I was not feeling well and when Mr. H came home from work he was amazed I had not posted one picture compared to the day before where it was close to 8 or something.

5. We started watching House and got through 1 1/2 Seasons before Mr. H was like I get enough medical drama at work so we went back to nature documentaries and The Nanny which I love. I get to watch the same shows I did as a kid but now I can stay up late and eat snacks on the couch while I do with no mom telling me about bed times.

6. Speaking of awesome stuff from the 90’s today I could not go back to sleep after Mr. H left for work so I curled up on the couch with my iPad and put on Charmed. Ahhh brings back so many memories and makes me miss clothes that are long gone and I could never fit into now anyways.

7. I often do not think of Mr. H and I being from different countries, I guess after all these years I am just used to it. Well last night he was feeling nostalgic I guess and started playing all sorts of techno dance music and I was like O yeah you are from Europe and when you used to go out this stuff would play. I kept trying to hold in my laughter because it is just so funny to see him listen to it instead of his usual metal and rock.

8. The youngest of my brothers is 13 and has been emailing me lately and they are so fun and refreshing to read. He just types out what is on his mind with no pretenses and is so excited about life. My mom took him to a used/vintage clothes store we used to go to but from his email it was like they discovered it Indiana Jones style and could I imagine how amazing it was and he got a vintage t shirt for school.  Also I told him about my lunch at the mall and he had no idea what a panini was which made me reflect on how what is so obvious to me at 29 is still all new and waiting to be found for him.

9. Tonight we are having hot wings and pizza which we are making at home and is fun but I really miss our place in Newport Beach sometimes and how we could just order a pizza and hot wings for less than $20 and get it right to our door.

10. I had to have ten bullet points because it needed to be a nice even number, are you like that too?

Do You Understand My Words?

Agatha Christie Quote


I read this line last week in the collection of short stories by Agatha Christie I was reading and had to read it out to Mr. H immediately and then could not stop thinking about it.

When I blog I am often so sure of what I want to say but putting it down into words on the screen distorts it slightly and then once it is read it once again gets distorted so I wonder how much of my meaning is felt.

That is how words are though they are uncertain things, we can use them for good and bad and so much in between. We can also  feel that our words do not matter, that we will make no difference with them but I do not think that is true.

I think that even when I get discouraged about blogging putting my ideas and words out for others to read is important. It is important for all stories to be heard even if they are about a housewife in the middle of nowhere Sweden as my life is meaningful and therefore my words are as well.

So I will keep blogging even though I sometimes agonize over the words or what people will think I mean and you should do the same.

This is My 29

this is my 29 final


Well today I turned 29. I was feeling a bit apprehensive about it earlier in the month but managed not to cry like I did on my 25th so I am aging gracefully I guess!

I am not doing a 30 before 30 list or anything like that I am just going to enjoy this year. Take it in stride and relish the last year of my twenties.

I am going to treat myself well, encourage myself to take risks, and love my husband with all my heart.

I am going to be sure that I am following the path in life that is perfect for me.

I am feeling really great about 29.

Do I Have to Follow You Forever?

I follow 240 people on Twitter, 190 blogs on Bloglovin’, and 92 people on Instagram. Do I read and see every tweet, blog post, and picture everyday that they post? No I see what happens to catch my interest when I am online which varies day to day and with time zone differences I am sure some people’s tweets barely ever make my radar.

Each of those people though at one time or another did something to catch my interest and I wanted to know more. I wanted to have a virtual part of that persons life or online persona.

The thing though is that people change, what interests me when I joined Twitter in 2011 is not necessarily going to interest me anymore. If I know that people are always changing then I should not feel bad when I unfollow someone.

Yet I do.

I feel like I am committing an internet sin to click that little button and say I no more want to see and hear what you are offering. If what they are offering no longer resonates with my life though than I should step away. I should not be bored, frustrated, or annoyed with what I engage with online as that is time I could be using for something else.

So no just because at one time I followed you does not me I have to follow you forever.

Summer Blogging Mojo: The Answers

summer blogging mojo

Hej Hej! As I was writing the questions to the Summer Blogging Mojo I could not wait to answer them myself! Do not forget you can take that snazzy little bee up there and answer the questions yourself on your blog!

1. Would you rather forget your chapstick or hairband at home and not be able to get one all day? Hairband for sure as you can use a pencil or something if you just have to get your hair up but chapstick cannot be denied. I even bring it with me when I go to the grocery store and do laundry because who knows when the need for moisturized lips will be?!!?

2. If you were to invent a new popsicle what would it be called and flavored? I would say I would call it The Bailie but then everyone would think it had Bailey’s in it so that is out. I guess Mega Popsicle as I love to call things mega lately and it would be swirly mango and cream flavor as that sounds so good right now!

3. What song do you dance to around like crazy when home alone? If I am working out and My Humps comes on I totally have to do a mini dance party before I can continue working out.

4. What is your favorite summer drink? Iced Tea all the way, it is the perfect combination of cold and refreshing.

5. Would your rather not shave your legs all summer or your armpits? Why did I even make this question up?! I guess I say legs so I could wear maxi skirts and tank tops and minimize pit stains.

6. What is your favorite summer memory from childhood? I think this one deserves a whole blog post!

7. What is your most embarrassing swimming experience I mean those tops do like to fly off? One time my friend and I snuck into a community pool and were having a great time swimming around, then I needed to go to the bathroom really bad so I got out and then the restrooms were locked and since we snuck in had no key. So since my friend knew I had got out to go to the bathroom I could not pee in the pool, not that I would have anyone but I really had to go so I had to pee in the bushes while she made sure no one saw!

8. What are your top 5 snack foods you know the weird ones like american cheese melted on saltines? I think this one also deserves its own post!

9. Really how much are you already yearning for winter and its sweet release from the heat? So so so so much, I might be a bit biased though since we get to go to California for Christmas though so I just want winter either way!

10. Share a picture that sums up summer for you!

beach lunch

I scrolled through my pictures expecting to pick one of a beach sunset or the fair but when I saw this one it was just right. The perfect picnic lunch while camping at the beach! And now I am a little teary eyed stupid homesickness.


Included in the Price

Sydney Smith Tea Quote

Us Hemborg’s love tea, just love love it drink it all the live long day.

Do you know what we also love, free things or included in the price.

You know how when you go to hotels and they have little shampoo bottles and shower caps which are nice but how many shower caps does one person need right. Well when they also have individually wrapped tea bags sitting there all nice, now that is hitting the jackpot.

With my family visiting and then our trip to England we managed to amass 95 tea bags!

free tea bags

The great thing is that is like a mega assortment pack too. Now we can try kinds we would never buy usually, now Mr. H has a love for chamomile, and it is so fun to have all these options!

Some have already gone like darjeeling and just one blackcurrant left but that is fine since we still have tons left and they just taste extra good with being free!

O and since we bought some too since it was cheaper than in Sweden so we have tea for ages!