Sunday Currently – Giant Pretzels and Skip-Bo

hand and pretzel Sunday Currently

Yes that is a pretzel bigger than my hand! On Friday we ventured out to the International Food Fair and had such a fun time seeing all the food to buy and getting some treats for home. The giant pretzels were one thing I had set out to get so after strolling around and before the rain came we grabbed one then headed to our favorite coffee place. Mr. H was not so sure they would like us bringing in outside food but luckily a hidden corner spot was open so we snacked on pretzel as we had our coffees and did some supreme people watching.


Reading: This week was not as bookish as last but I did manage to finish two books:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.29.18 PM

I love The Cat Who books for a lazy day in and read that one last Sunday, I also love that I can read them out of order with no consequence to getting confused later on. Now this Agatha Christie was wonderful and a bit different than her usual Poirot story, sadly the copy I was reading fell apart but it has green tinted edges so I might try to do a Christmas craft with it.

Listening: To Cat Power The Covers Record. I put it on yesterday as I was fixing lunch and about halfway through eating Mr. H looked up and said to me “you sure do like depressing music” and I was so confused because to me it is so lovely but that is music for you everyone will feel different about it.

Thinking: I might break out the Halloween decorations today. At the start of September I put out the neutral pumpkins but a feeling ready for the skeletons and ghouls now.

Smelling: Tea, we ran out of coffee last and I opted to not buy more this week and have regretted it all day. Why o why would I not buy more coffee???

Wishing: I would have been able to attend my friends wedding last night but I am trying to not dwell on how sucky it is sometimes to live thousands of miles away from friends.

Planning: Christmas presents, we want to bring a few things that are reminiscent of Sweden and then I think I will be making the rest.

Wearing: The weather has been all over the place this week making me so annoyed when dressing. If I had a better autumn coat I guess it would be easier but as it is I am just having to layer and make sure to have a scarf.

Loving: Game competitions, this week we did a three day Skip-bo competition. I lost in the last hand so horribly but it is always fun and now that I am home alone today I am missing it.

Feeling: A tiny bit jealous, on Friday Mr. H gets to go to a fancy restaurant in town and have lunch with his class. Sure they have to discuss mental health care at some point but still free lunch!!!

Watching: Yesterday while Mr. H watched Manchester United I watched Catching Fire finally and was so happy. I got all comfy with my pillows and a plate of cheese and sausages and managed not to cry once. I am now hoping that when we get to California the next one will still be in a theatre for me to see.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Giant Pretzels and Skip-Bo

  1. Halloween decorations? I say go for it! If I had any to put up, I would do it too :) Also, I have to say that your game nights have inspired me to have my own a couple nights ago. It’s so fun to just get out the games, have a few drinks…. who needs to go out?

  2. I had to look up what the game Skip-Bo was because I had never heard of it before. Now I see that it is from the makers of UNO and I want to try it. When I was an exchange student in Germany almost every night after dinner we would play UNO as a family, which I loved. And I can relate to you on this mad weather. Last week I had my soup and crock pot game on fierce. Over the weekend it has hit the high 70’s, so I feel like I have no idea how to dress or cook.

  3. I wish I’d read as many books as you. I have 3 on my nightstand right now. They’ve been there for weeks!

    I love the idea of making some Christmas presents. You seem so organized to already be thinking about that!

    Have a great week.

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