It Is Just Hair

I had been looking at short hair pictures on Pinterest for months and thinking that when we go to California I will get it done. Then last weekend we went to a favorite bar of ours and the waitress that we always comment on how cute she is and has great style had the haircut I really wanted.

I was like but that is what I wanted to do and of course sounded really lame and jealous but she took my haircut.

Then on Tuesday Mr. H woke me up by telling me there was frost on the ground which meant that I would have to blow dry my hair before going out which I loathe doing.

So I figured it is not like I know this waitress personally, I can do what I want, and it is just hair so I cut it.


I brushed it back into a ponytail securing it about the length I wanted and cut away.


Since there was a few remaining layers from my haircut in June 2013 I just needed to trim it up a bit after blow drying it and am really happy with it.

Now it is in no means perfect which is slightly annoying Mr. H but he will just need to deal with it!

Change just feels so good sometimes and a change involving not dragging around a head of spilt ends is one of the best.

Speaking of changes some will be coming soon to this blog that are very exciting!

22 thoughts on “It Is Just Hair

  1. Love the haircut! And I’ve been into short hair too recently and wanted to cut them for ages! Finally did it a couple of weeks ago and I’m so happy with it. It’s so much easier to style in the mornings and has much more volume although I kinda even want it to be even shorter than shoulder length but I’m too afraid to do that on my own :D

  2. I’ve cut my own hair before too, but wasn’t as successful! I somehow managed to get it perfectly straight across in the back and it looked really weird. Cute haircut!

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