Sunday Currently – Giant Pretzels and Skip-Bo

hand and pretzel Sunday Currently

Yes that is a pretzel bigger than my hand! On Friday we ventured out to the International Food Fair and had such a fun time seeing all the food to buy and getting some treats for home. The giant pretzels were one thing I had set out to get so after strolling around and before the rain came we grabbed one then headed to our favorite coffee place. Mr. H was not so sure they would like us bringing in outside food but luckily a hidden corner spot was open so we snacked on pretzel as we had our coffees and did some supreme people watching.


Reading: This week was not as bookish as last but I did manage to finish two books:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.29.18 PM

I love The Cat Who books for a lazy day in and read that one last Sunday, I also love that I can read them out of order with no consequence to getting confused later on. Now this Agatha Christie was wonderful and a bit different than her usual Poirot story, sadly the copy I was reading fell apart but it has green tinted edges so I might try to do a Christmas craft with it.

Listening: To Cat Power The Covers Record. I put it on yesterday as I was fixing lunch and about halfway through eating Mr. H looked up and said to me “you sure do like depressing music” and I was so confused because to me it is so lovely but that is music for you everyone will feel different about it.

Thinking: I might break out the Halloween decorations today. At the start of September I put out the neutral pumpkins but a feeling ready for the skeletons and ghouls now.

Smelling: Tea, we ran out of coffee last and I opted to not buy more this week and have regretted it all day. Why o why would I not buy more coffee???

Wishing: I would have been able to attend my friends wedding last night but I am trying to not dwell on how sucky it is sometimes to live thousands of miles away from friends.

Planning: Christmas presents, we want to bring a few things that are reminiscent of Sweden and then I think I will be making the rest.

Wearing: The weather has been all over the place this week making me so annoyed when dressing. If I had a better autumn coat I guess it would be easier but as it is I am just having to layer and make sure to have a scarf.

Loving: Game competitions, this week we did a three day Skip-bo competition. I lost in the last hand so horribly but it is always fun and now that I am home alone today I am missing it.

Feeling: A tiny bit jealous, on Friday Mr. H gets to go to a fancy restaurant in town and have lunch with his class. Sure they have to discuss mental health care at some point but still free lunch!!!

Watching: Yesterday while Mr. H watched Manchester United I watched Catching Fire finally and was so happy. I got all comfy with my pillows and a plate of cheese and sausages and managed not to cry once. I am now hoping that when we get to California the next one will still be in a theatre for me to see.

Sunday Currently – From Sun to Clouds

Sunday Currently 9 21

We took this picture yesterday as we walked to lunch. We went to a Swedish favorite, Sibylla, and even though it was only about 1/2 mile from our house it was nestled in an area we had never been to and felt like we were on a road trip. We had bacon cheese burgers and fries with their famous seasoning salt and then lusted after ice cream cones but saved ourselves for the ones we had in the freezer at home.

Reading: I have been a busy little reader this week and have read these books:

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 1.58.00 PM

In addition to those I have made some progress on ‘salems Lot but Stephen King, I am trying to chip away at it but these other books were calling my name and then I started another book so I am thinking I need to set a time limit or something or else the library is going to be hunting me down for it.

Listening: To a playlist Mr. H is making for our trip to California, so far it has over 400 songs and he claims it is not done yet. We will have some really long travel days though so having a good mix of music will be nice and he is trying to keep it all upbeat to help us mentally not get down when we are looking down the barrel of a 12 hr flight.

Thinking: I really need to get back to all the lovely comments that have been left lately. Am I the only one that has a hard time with this? I really wish I could use disqus but alas you cannot use it with a free wordpress platform and I cannot afford a paid one so it is what it is I guess.

Smelling: Grapefruit, my sister in law sent me some grapefruit lotion from The Body Shop for my birthday and the smell is very light but fresh and long lasting.

Planning: To go to the international food fair that is coming to town this week. We missed last year but this year we are going and I am eating a giant pretzel from the Bavaria stand. We are also planning on getting some cheese from the France stand and some sausages from the Netherlands stand and having a little feast on Friday with some red wine.

Hoping: Dinner turns out good tonight, I am going to make brussel sprouts for the first time and am slightly nervous about it. I am going to be doing them with bacon though so it should turn out just fine.

Wearing: Blue polka dot pj’s and a blue tank top, Mr. H is feeling a bit under the weather today so I figured I should stand in solidarity and wear comfy clothes too ;)

Loving: Lipton yellow label tea, it is their basic black tea but for some reason Mr. H and I are having a total love affair with it right now. Yesterday we bought two 20 packs since the store had a 6 kr coupon if you bought two and they were only 8.90 kr to start making it a good deal.

Wanting: To buy every candle I can find, I think I mentioned this already but I am going through a major candle thing right now. When we go to town Friday I will need to try and sneak a few into our shopping expenses.

Needing: To get some new fabric, last year I bought a large piece of white fabric that I was able to get at least 10 projects out of but it has finally been all used up and now that we have a printer I have all sorts of new ones I want to start.

Feeling: Fresh and ready for a new week.

Watching: Last night we watched Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and we laughed tons and were pleasantly surprised by how much we liked it. Now Mr. H is watching the Manchester United game and I am going to watch the Mortal Instruments movie.

Challenge Accepted

Sunday Currently – Vitamin C Boosted

Sunday Currently 9-14

Thank you so much for all the well wishes! I am back to normal and by that I mean a bit hungover on Sunday. Last night Mr. H and I went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate being together for 6 years. So not surprising I woke up walking a bit slow this morning, a good greasy breakfast with coffee and orange juice seems to be doing the trick though!

Reading: I am not really into reading while sick but I did manage a few short stories from an Agatha Christie book I am reading and the last 50 pages of a Janet Evanovich but today I am hoping to make some real progress in ‘salems Lot. I have such a stack of to read books at the moment I am feeling a bit overwhelmed but Mr. H reminded me this morning that I should just read what I want and renew the other library books.

Listening: I am having such a mega Martha Wainwright love at the moment, I am sure my neighbors really loved my listening to Proserpina on repeat while I cooked dinner the other night and did my best to sing along!

Thinking: This week is going to be interesting. Mr. H has an odd schedule for a healthcare worker but what most people consider normal. He will be working M-F 7-4 when he normally has breaks in the week or like this past week was only three days since two of them were 9:45-9 shifts. I am happy to have him home for every dinner though!

Smelling: Orange resorb, I just had one to help not get dehydrated. I really prefer the blackcurrant one though.

Wishing: I would have worn sensible shoes last night, I wore these super cute black and gold flats but it has been ages since I wore them and my pinkie toes have blisters now.

Wearing: So many prints, I have one tri-color polka dot socks with a leopard print maxi skirt, green tank top and black velour pull over. I call it Sunday comfy chic hahaha honestly it was one of those pull out all your favorites and wear them at once since you are not leaving the house type outfits.

Loving: Coupons, yesterday we were able to use a coupon for a free coffee at Espresso House and then with Mr. H’s student ID we got 10% off the other drink meaning we were able to get two large fancy coffee drinks for 38 kr!!!

Wanting: To buy every candle I see, normally I am fine with the mega pack of tealights from IKEA but this year I am wanting every candle I see for some reason.

Needing: To work on a cross stitch pattern I started, it is a Halloween one so I have a bit of time but doing cross stitch takes so much more time than embroidering.

Feeling: Not sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching: I started Last Tango in Halifax and am hooked on the storyline. I am not usually one for a more drama type show but this one has me hooked and I am so excited it is on Netflix.

Challenge Accepted

(Sunday) Currently – Punctually Late

bar selfie polaroid style


Mr. H’s first week of school turned out to be very mellow so we used it as an excuse to do all sorts of things we never got around to before like going to the mall and stocking up at the big grocery store and walking to town for lunch. It was so much fun and I managed to only turn on the computer twice but am happy to get back to thee old blog this week!

Reading: I have a giant stack of library books and should be getting two new ones in the mail today so it is more of like what am I not reading right now. I am mainly reading ‘salems Lot but Stephen King, my first of his books, but decided to keep that to day time reading only so as to be able to not have horrible nightmares!

Listening: At this very moment The National as I double triple chocolate love them and they are a nice break from the more hard music that Mr. H is always sneaking in when he is home.

Writing: Today Jade posted the guest post I did for her: Accountability in the Modern Age if you want to check it out!

Thinking: About Christmas, I cannot help it as I keep thinking of more and more things I want to do when we go to California and I cannot wait to squeeze my brothers and see my parents and grandparents and aunts.

Smelling: Peanut butter, we decided to try a new brand we came across at Willy’s and it is so good and creamy on some wheat toast. Well I think it is wheat as the Swedish package calls it fiber but ahhh it is brown and healthy looking.

Wishing: All goes smooth for Mr. H today, he is starting a new practique at a place that could be really challenging so I hope he is paired with a good nurse and it all comes together for a good four weeks of learning.

Hoping: All the mail I want to come comes and I can tear open packages!

Wearing: My one and only sundress, sometimes it is just easier to throw it on when I get out of the shower and then pick out a proper outfit later. I guess you could say I use it as my dressing gown.

Loving: Candles, when we went to the mall I bought some fun candles at IKEA and they really make it feel so cozy at night when we are watching TV.

Wanting: To go watch the Timra vs Rögle game on Friday at the sports bar in town. The first team is the one from up here and the second is from Mr. H’s hometown so it is a perfect match for us!

Needing: To figure out some meals for this week and rest, my whole life September has been an asthma trigger month so I am trying to keep it in mind and rest when I need to.

Feeling: Contented, it has been so wonderful to have Mr. H home these past two weeks and be able to spend time together and go out doing couple things that we were not really able to do over the summer.

Watching: Midsomer Murders, we have seriously watched one and half seasons this past week!!!

Challenge Accepted

Sunday Currently – Decompression Day

f reading sunday currently

This week Mr. H has had the week free and we have been taking advantage of it to the maximum. Drinks out, lunch in town, feasts at home with plenty of game playing and book reading. Today we are both moving a bit slow from all of the excitement, it feels we fit a whole summer of fun into one week really and are almost a bit excited for the new school year to start tomorrow.

Reading: I read The Fault in Our Stars this week which I am happy I read when Mr. H was around so I could randomly hug him when it got sad. I am following it up with Service With a Smile by P.G. Wodehouse since it is a good light-hearted read.

Listening: We have been listening to music pretty much non stop this week while we were in the house. Queen has been on heavy rotation as there is a DVD coming out next week on a previously unreleased concert from 1974 that Mr. H is very interested in.

Thinking: That it is going to take me a few days of getting through my Bloglovin’ feed after taking a computer break this week. I only turned on the computer once on Wednesday to put up a quick post so now I have 195 unread posts!

Smelling: Orange Resorb, for those of you not in Sweden Resorb are fizzy tablets that you put in water and are full of electrolytes and things that Mr. H always gives me when I start getting sick.

Wishing: I had some new boots, I think I am always wanting new boots but I feel a significant gap in my boots as I have a cute low heeled pair but they do not do for rain and then I have two winter pairs. I would love a black leather flat pair and will be trying on every pair I come across when we go to California this year.

Hoping: That my asthma does not get really bad this fall like last fall so it is smooth sailing around our house.

Wearing: My pj’s, this Sunday I decided to put of showering and get tucked into blogging first.

Loving: The Pinterest app, I am a reluctant Pinterest user and usually only can manage looking at the website for a few minutes but the app for some reason I find highly engaging!

Wanting: To get out and take some pictures of the changing leaves but not sure I will be let out with my wheezing today.

Needing: To get back to the old squats and sit ups, I knew I would likely not exercise with Mr. H home all week but I did not take into account all the food and alcohol so I need to  get back to it next week.

Feeling: Bittersweet, it has been so wonderful spending so much time with Mr. H but I know it is just going to make his new very busy school year a bit hard at first. Also that it is his last year of nursing school, it will be wonderful when he is done and graduated with a nursing degree but he has been in school the majority of the time we have been together so it will be weird when he is out. I am sure though he will be back one day so he can be a nurse practitioner though and I will be like no more school again!!

Watching: Last night we watched Cockneys vs Zombies on a lark and ended up laughing and enjoying the whole movie. It was on Swedish Netflix but you should try and find it either way and let me know what you think!

Sunday Currently – Lasts

sunday currently august 10

Well Lauren is no longer doing the Sunday Currently link up but I really love wrapping up the week with it so I am going to be continuing on with it. Also today is Mr. H’s last day working at the hospital in his current capacity. He has all next week off and then starts school and new rounds of practique so really only two weeks will be different then it is back to hospital life.

Reading: Last week I mentioned I am hooked on the Stephanie Plum books and was reading book 5. Well now I have finished 5 and 6 and started on book 7. Sadly book 7 needs some serious library repairs as pages 1-42 came out in a big clump when I started it last night!

Listening: To Chopin, I think classical piano music is the perfect accompaniment to rain.

Thinking: The internet can be exhausting, I love blogging and blog reading but sometimes when you add in all the extras like Twitter and Facebook you want to scream.

Smelling: Rain, it has been raining of and on since Wednesday and I am in heaven!

Wishing: I had a cake or something to celebrate Mr. H’s last day but he will not be home till after 10 so it is really past cake time.

Hoping: Next week has one nice day so we can do some exploring minus umbrellas.

Wearing: Polka dot pj’s and a sweater featured in my closet vlog, I was going to put on some more proper pants but you know it is Sunday and I am home alone why get perfectly good pants dirty!

Loving: All the chicken in the freezer, it was on major sale this week so we know have over 3 kilos of chicken just waiting for some tasty meals this coming week.

Wanting: To go out for coffee, I wanted to go last Thursday but we had to wait around for a girl to come and buy some old textbooks and of course she came right when it would be prime fika time!

Needing: To take off my nail polish, I painted them blue with this really lovely sparkle which looked great last week this week it looks like crap but I just keep saying I will do it later….

Feeling: Achy, I think I have been fighting a cold for about a week which I am happy it has stayed on the sidelines but it has made me feel a bit worn out.

Watching: We are one episode away from finishing season 2 of The Nanny, we have been watching an episode with lunch and one before bed and every time we are so surprised with how much we laugh.

What have you been up to this past week?

Sunday Currently – Socks On?

Primark Leopard Shoes

If you follow me on instagram you will have most likely seen my feet in these shoes already! Now that the weather has changed though I think Friday might have been the last hurrah for going out at night sockless. I will miss my flats so much but at least that awful tan line will be covered up!

Reading: High Five by Janet Evanovich, when I read the first in the series I was not sold but now that I know the series is out there I find myself picking up the next one when I am at the library.

Listening: 7 O’Clock News/Silent Night by Simon and Garfunkel, I do not go in much for politics and things on my blog but it is really interesting how the news broadcast in that song featuring items from August 3, 1966 mirror the news of these past weeks. If you can find a recording of it I highly suggest listening as it is a really moving piece.

Thinking: That Sundays are my favorite day of the week, I just love the no pressure hang around the house and cook a really hearty meal feeling they have lately.

Smelling: Vanilla Lipsmackers, I love it only if I am not going to eat or drink soon otherwise it is very overpowering.

Wishing: I had a proper rain jacket. I have a trench that is waterproof but it makes me look super short, well I am super short but it just adds to it.

Hoping: I can stay healthy, whenever the weather does a huge change I am prone to getting an asthma attack which with Mr. H having a whole week in between work and school coming up I would like to be healthy for it.

Wearing: Hoodies of all kinds, it was slightly overkill since it was only possible with the windows open but last night I put on a hoodie, long pj pants and socks and was so happy to feel snuggly again.

Loving: How we moved the bookcase in the kitchen, it was a really minor change but made it feel fresh and new again.

Wanting: Donuts, not just any donuts though I want some from a cheap place in California with a carton of chocolate milk.

Feeling: Invigorated, I am prone to being really moody in summer and I can feel myself opening up again and feeling excited to tackle new projects with the end of the season.

Watching: Last night we watched Skyfall, yes two years after it came out, and man is Daniel Craig sexy!


Sunday Currently – Mildly Less Sweaty

sunday currently august 10

Friday night there was a huge thunderstorm which has helped make it just slightly more enjoyable weather wise. I am sure though I am speaking to soon but the good thing about living so far north is that you know it cannot last that much longer. Even Mr. H messaged me this yesterday “think of peppermint mochas, pumpkin bread, mmm fall”! So yeah Grandma if you are reading us Hemborg’s are ready for any and all pumpkin things or your pumpkin bread recipe and a can of pumpkin!

Reading: Not much, I have a hard time reading when I feel like a walking fountain but I already am planning on which book to read when the leaves change color.

Listening: This morning it is all about classical music on the piano, I always wonder if my neighbors are the sort that hate classical music and would prefer if I was listening to say rap at 11:30 on a Sunday morning .

Thinking: That I have a really clean fridge, no but I read this article on The Kitchn yesterday about how long to keep your condiments and was flabbergasted at the comments. I do not know if we just love condiments but I cannot imagine having any of the things listed in my fridge for longer than stated or for that amount of time at all.

Smelling: The new body soap I bought called Spring Rain, normally I buy a flowery or citrus type one and Mr. H buys a sports type one but I wanted one we could both us and have to say it is not my favorite but it does its job so just about 900 ml to go!

Wishing: The busses were on a better schedule today since a coffee in town sounds really nice.

Hoping: That no mean bugs fly in the house, we have been really lucky this summer compared to Southern Sweden that the mean bugs have not been abundant and I am happy to keep it that way.

Wearing: Long pants!!!! I love my capri length Old Navy pants but it feels good to not be sweating just because I covered my ankles.

Loving: Straws, when I last went to the mall I picked up a pack from IKEA and not only did they randomly color match my french press they are just so fun. Last week when we were having some sparkling water I put it in a glass with ice cubes and a straw and Mr. H said he felt like he was at an American restaurant!

Wanting: Some red and green cloth napkins or heavy dish towels to embroider for Christmas.

Needing: To do some dishes and finish up a project I started for a friend.

Feeling: Rested, this morning I woke up when Mr. H left for work at 6 but was able to fall asleep again at 8:30 and then slept till 11!

Watching:  Charmed, I was watching the UK version of Being Human but I needed a break since it is really intense and am loving the nostalgia factor of Charmed. Also it is great for watching while embroidering as you do not have to closely monitor the plot line of the episodes.

So what have you been up to lately?

Sunday Currently – Julys End

avon gorge

How wonderful would it be to be floating along a river in a boat today? So wonderful in case you were unsure, so wonderful.

Reading: I just finished a collection of short stories, Partners in Crime, featuring my second and third favorite Agatha Christie characters. If you have never read any of her Tommy and Tuppence work I highly suggest it as they are so quirky. It was my 11th Christie book this year and I have two more in line!

Writing: The second part of my Intro to Embroidery series, I am trying to decide if I should add a short video to it as well.

Listening: To Debussy, before Mr. H went to work he had on some metal playlist and once he left I switched over to classical. The two support each other rather well though.

Thinking: About fall non-stop, it is getting out of hand but today at breakfast I told Mr. H in detail my perfect fall Sunday so hopefully he stored it in the memory bank for October.

Smelling: Summer, the sun is baking the trees and grass so it smells very naturey at the moment.

Wishing: Will you stop reading right now if I say cooler weather? Ok fine how about I am wishing that warm weather motivated me, I know some people thrive on the warmth and sun but it drains me.

Hoping: That the cold brewed coffee I am going to attempt tonight works out well!

Wearing: My one and only summer dress, it is blue and white striped so I feel rather jaunty when I wear it.

Loving: Peanut M&M’s, they were on special this week and they are just such little pieces of heavenly goodness.

Wanting: The leftovers I sent to work with Mr. H, they were such good wraps I made last night that if I could I would have hoarded it all to myself.

Needing: An attitude adjustment, there is only so much wallowing in heat induced melancholy a 29 yr old can do before every blog post is a rant and the house needs some serious attention.

Feeling: Well I think we covered that one already.

Watching: Being Human, the UK version, have you seen this show? I am totally hooked and cannot stop watching even though it gives me some crazy dreams I just have to know what is going to happen to Annie, George, and Mitchell (especially Mitchell).

Sunday Currently – The Post Birthday Weekend

Fredrik breakfast july

This week Mr. H had to work 6 days so it feels like I have barely seen him but he really did give me such a great birthday. This is our breakfast we had on Friday, he went down the store while I was still sleeping and bought fresh rolls, veggies, brie, and lunch meat from the deli. It was so fun and felt like we were on vacation and was a great start to the day.

Reading: The Third Girl by Agatha Christie, the cover is really creepy and so I keep putting it face down on my nightstand!

Listening: To a really awesome playlist on Spotify called Have A Great Day!, it is filled with songs you know all the words to so I have been having a great sing along with myself this morning.

Thinking: What I should get with my birthday money, being far away from all of our relatives means money for birthday presents and that I should go to the mall and see what is there! I am thinking of getting a new apron and some hair dye.

Smelling: Coffee, if I did not need to wash the French Press I think I would make myself more but tea is easier!

Wishing: I had enough money to fly my brothers out to see me, I Skyped with them on Friday and kept thinking how much they would love it here in Sundsvall.

Hoping: For a peaceful evening of Scrabble playing and finally having some time with Mr. H.

Wearing: If I could I would just be sitting here in my bathing suit but alas it is in California, not but seriously I cannot wait for cooler weather and sweater wearing.

Loving: Instagramming, seriously though it is so cliche but it is so fun!

Wanting: To not be sweaty anymore, you know how there are people who move with the sun I think I would like to do the opposite. Live constantly where the weather is in the fifties constantly sounds great.

Needing: A good walk, I want to get out and stretch my legs but like I said above the sweat factor is just too much right now.

Feeling: So very happy from all the birthday messages, the internet is so great that way makes you feel so special having birthday messages from all over the world!

Watching: This week we have been watching a couple episodes of The Nanny before bed and it makes me laugh so much, I remember watching it as a kid and I think we are enjoying just as much now as we did then.