My Solo Weekend

I have always lived with people, from 1 other person to 30 that is just how it has been. That means in my whole life I have been alone all night in a place at most 10 times. This past weekend though was the first time in 6 years I was home all alone all night and not just one night but two!

I knew it was coming for months since we decided that Mr. H would go to his sisters wedding solo so I kept trying to plan it out in my head. I knew that if I planned what I would eat, shows I would watch, and things I would do it would be easier for me.

I can understand that many people will think it is totally sad that at a week shy of 29 I would feel so apprehensive about being alone but it really is just not the norm for me.

Anyways I kept getting annoyed at myself for having the terms “girls weekend” pop into my head over it as just because I was going to be home alone did not mean I going to do some weird girl rituals I would just be a person at home.

However I think that I ended up in falling into a few stereotypes!

cheese and cracker meal

Everyone knows there is no need to cook if you have some cheese and crackers handy right? I even had salami and skagenröra so it was deluxe!

Photo on 7-13-14 at 12.03 AM

Watching TV in bed is awesome, especially if you have the whole king size bed to yourself, and you have ice cream, and you can take a picture of yourself to send to your husband. I think I am going to do this on my birthday as it was just that much fun.

reading in bed

Over the weekend I managed to read two books since I could read peacefully with no need to get up and do dishes or make dinner since the cheese and crackers take about 2 minutes.

full blogging set up

I also spread out my stuff and blogged and read various things online for ages then just left everything to deal with later or when the next round of blogging hit me!

After all my worrying it turned out feeling just like Mr. H had some very long shifts but I still prefer him home if I can choose!


8 thoughts on “My Solo Weekend

  1. Ha, ha….yes to the cheese and crackers, that is exactly my dinner when home alone :) Don’t tell my husband but I enjoy my nights alone when he has to go on a rare business trip. P stress though, and reminds me to lock the doors like a thousand times. I like getting to sleep in the middle of the bed :)

  2. Honestly, you are my favorite blogger.:):) You are real, honest, funny, and witty. Way to go! I look at your blog first every evening after work and it invariably makes me smile. Thanks!
    I have always loved the first day and night of the husband’s travel, then it is not nearly as “nice” as I think it will be. We all love our routines.

  3. I’ve totally been there. That’s exactly how I intend my evening tonight to go as Dan is going out.
    Also, I still get scared now about being home alone and I have lived on my own!

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