Back to Normal and Popsicles

hair pile

Last night Mr. H shaved off all his hair! It was fun though since it was so long I got to cut off chunks before he started shaving, he kept saying though I was pulling to hard and I was like if you have never had your hair french braided by your mom when she was in a hurry you have no idea what pulling too hard is!

Fredrik shaved head

After we finished he posted this picture and his mom, my grandma, and me all said well that is the Mr. H we know! He looked great with his long hair but for most his life he has shaved his head and it just suits him so well!

Well in other news it is Friday and that is always reason to celebrate!

We just had popsicles on the balcony and have wine, fajita fixings, and chips for tonight.

I also wrote down a little stack of Would you rather and Top 3 prompts to have fun with tonight. We always play games but sometimes it is nice to break it up and do something different.

Have a bippity boppity boo weekend!


7 thoughts on “Back to Normal and Popsicles

  1. Ahh, I love a good hair cut! I had mine thinned as I have such an enormous amount of thick curls and waves it was too much in the hot weather – if I could get away with shaving my head, I would!

  2. I love your game nights; we really need to start incorporating games into our nights over here. Also, this “We just had popsicles on the balcony and have wine, fajita fixings, and chips for tonight” sounds like total bliss.

  3. You couldn’t be more right about having your hair french braided (or plaited as we call it) as a kid. My step Mum used to really pull.

    I used to chop Mr Tide’s hair when we lived in Moscow. It’s always very satisfying!

  4. Oh God, you’ve just brought back painful memories of my mother putting rags in my hair before school photo day so my horridly thick hair would curl. Awful!!

    Mr. H looks good with the shaved head *wolf whistle*

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