Perfect Fall Day

John Donne Autum quote

Yesterday I wrote that at breakfast I was waxing on about my perfect fall day to Mr. H and Amanda asked what it was so I thought I would share today and let me know in the comments what yours is!

First is waking up in bed not hot and sweaty. Then a breakfast with fresh rolls, cheese, and giant mugs of hot coffee.

fall leaves

After breakfast a shower that I stay dry after because the humidity is super low and I can get dressed in a big sweater and leggings.

Then we head out for a leisurely  stroll to the lake and enjoy nature without a fear of tick bites.

ducks in the pond fall

Upon arriving home we have a lunch of soup and buttered bread then settle into a reading session with mugs of tea.

I then put a nice roast in the oven and we play a game of Scrabble as the house fills with wonderful smells.

autumn fog with trees

As night falls we snuggle up under blankets and watch Hocus Pocus with a giant bowl of popcorn and are quite happy and content with our perfect fall day.


11 thoughts on “Perfect Fall Day

  1. It’s funny how we’re always dreaming about the other seasons– I do the same thing, even though summer is my favorite :) But your perfect fall day sounds absolutely cozy! I couldn’t think to add anything besides maybe baking pumpkin spice-y muffins. Mmmmmm.

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