Crafty Time

Besides my mom and her sister the rest of the women on my mom’s side of the family are very crafty and creative, ok so that maybe sounded mean but I can assure they would both be quick to point this out!

I personally like to think I am somewhat crafty, even though I cannot bake like everyone else, and have really wanted to try my hand at cross stitch and embroidery in the past few years. So back in October I was lucky when my grandma sent me a box full of  supplies to get started!

As it happened my best friend was pregnant so included in the box were two bibs for me to personalize and send to her!


The top bib I embroidered along the pre-existing stitch lines and then went for a motif that reminded me of a kids shirt from the 80’s. The bottom bib I thought would be fun to add a Swedish touch since it was coming from over here and thought it would also be gender neutral since they did not find out what they were having ahead of time.

I was pretty pleased with how they turned out since they were my first projects.


Then one day in town I picked up this piece of cross stitch fabric (not sure of proper name) to practice on. Since I am teaching myself it has been helpful to have this to practice on for things like the checker pattern in the bottom right picture. Now that I feel so much more confident with cross stichting I want to get some more bibs and a piece to do a proper sampler on.


After doing all that cross stitching I was ready to try my hand at embroidery and there is a shop in town that sells these pre printed pieces for a pretty reasonable price (49 kr / $7). I bought two and started this one on Monday, I used back stitch for the letters and split stitch for everything else. Once again as I am self teaching myself it is a bit hit or miss, like I tried to do stem stitch originally on the leaves but it was a mess!

When I finish these I am will be on the hunt for some plain dishtowels and what not so I can use the iron on transfers my grandmother sent me. Which if you live in Sweden/Europe I would love any recommendations on where to find them as so far my searches have come up with nothing!


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