Fresh Hallway

We have been talking about decorating our hallway ever since we moved in since with its white walls, beige-ish linoleum floor, and my diploma as the only decoration it felt like a doctors office missing its examination table. Talking about stuff and not doing it is what us Hemborgs like to do though so Mr. H was talking about it at school and all of a sudden he had an offer for a car ride home from IKEA.

Well that kicked our butts in gear and on Sunday we went off to spend some birthday money on getting a new and improved hallway!

updated hallway

We bought:

Striped Rug

2×2 Expedit

Set of four tea light holders

Three prints

Three black frames

Taper candles

Two red frames

Two red boxes

Total: Approx. $130!

new pictures

We were thrilled with the change in the hallway and how it made it feel much more like a home.

final new hallway

For now I have put pillowcases (we have around 27 for some reason) and hand towels in the box/drawers but I might change it up and put in the winter gear for easy access!

Now we are just on the hunt for couch pillows and a rug for under our kitchen table!


8 thoughts on “Fresh Hallway

  1. We have an Expedit in our entryway/kitchen area and I use the baskets to hold winter stuff in one side and our animals’ various things (like treats/medicine/etc). We actually use the bottom 2 spaces to hold our shoes. It works really well keeping them out of the way when we aren’t wearing them! The one thing I hate about it’s location is that mail seems to pile up on it until it drives me crazy and I go through it all and shred it or throw it away.

  2. We’re still on the hunt for couch pillows, too! (And we’ve been “planning” to put up curtains and our paintings for ages…) Hooray for making things cozy!

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