Pillows and Town

– Remember a few days ago I said I wanted to get some couch pillows but was feeling cheap and not thrilled with what I was finding? Well I took the true cheap approach and re-purposed something we already had!


Those are the pillows that were on our bed but seeing as we have 9 regular pillows on our bed (I know it is out of control) I figured we would not miss these! I like that they match the purple in the curtains and will do perfectly till I find something amazing!

– On Friday we decided that it was so sunny and warm, 21 F, that we would walk the two miles to town!

b walking f walking

That is an outdoor ice rink behind me that is a soccer field in warm weather! After this walk though my legs were like jell-o and Mr. H had to practically drag me out of the coffee shop!

– Also on Friday we went to a new to us grocery store and found some 50% off cheese and made an appetizer platter for Scrabble and beer time!

cheese yummm

We decided that we were happy it was just the two of us because we would of been so sad if we had to share the cheese and salami with anyone else! Ooo it was so good that later we ate the rest of the salami on its own while watching Bridesmaids!

– Lastly in one of our six or so Scrabble games this weekend I played viruses on a triple word space and since it was a Bingo off another word got a total of 91 points for it!!!

Hope your weekend was fun and if you are going to a Superbowl party please eat tons of appetizers and dips for me!

2 thoughts on “Pillows and Town

  1. I am SOoOOOOO incredibly jealous of your meat and cheese meal. Meats like that are a no-no when pregnant and of course I’ve craved it the entire time. My husband said we can have a meat and cheese night the night I come home after having her. Seriously can’t wait. YUM!

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