Things I’m Afraid To Tell You: A Blogging Challenge

Earlier this week I was intrigued by a post referenced by Creature Comforts on Twitter about honesty in blogging. I agree that often in blogging we only show our guest face with pictures that we feel fit a model of perfection but are drawn to reading the posts that show real life in all of its grittiness.

I personally know that I avoid topics that feel might get negative comments or that are not in the imagined ideal of a blogging housewife. So this post among others that will be connected on Creature Comforts blog today are all about honesty and the things we leave in the shadows of blogland.

– I am not into Pinterest. I know gasp but the recipes usually have ingredients hard for me to get in Sweden, I do not have money to be decorating our apartment like crazy, and frankly my life is just fine without hundreds of fancy quotes.

– I am probably late to the game but I am really into watching Jersey Shore lately.

– Almost all the books I have read in the past 5 months have either had a vampire or a supernatural theme. They also have mostly been YA. If you come to our house though and look at the books on the bookshelf you would never know.

– When I am feeling homesick I play country music really loud and sometimes secretly wish it is bugging my neighbors.

– I do not like red wine. I feel like every female in their late twenties loves red wine and I would much rather drink a beer.

–  I think people I leave rambley (and that is not real word) blog comments but I figure on rambley comment is better then no comment right?

– I am totally out of the loop on the presidential race, I actually think that Mr. H knows more about what is going on then I do. In that vein I also know basically nothing about Swedish politics, I just cannot get myself to focus enough to read about it.

– Lastly I am a size 12 and feel the popular thing to do was to talk about how I should exercise and all sorts of blah blah blah. The thing is though I and my husband love the way I look!

17 thoughts on “Things I’m Afraid To Tell You: A Blogging Challenge

  1. Thanks for sharing and being so honest! I can’t keep up on politics either…or the news in general…i’m so out of the loop! And PS – a size 12 is perfect. :)

  2. Is size 12 the same there as in the UK? I’m a size 12 UK and I’m totally happy with that – in fact, I always thought a size 12 was feminine, curvy and healthy too

    I’m the same with supernatural books – have you read any laurell k hamilton? they’re my secret books that no one would guess that I read lol, they are much more adult though and quite racey but I’m not a YA anymore so I’m totally fine with that.

    I’ve written a lot about Pinterest recently, I really don’t like it anymore and I’ve stopped using it completely, its good for sewing tutorials but thats it for me.

    Great post, I’m looknig forward to reading through your blog some more.

    Also, I love red wine and beer – best of both worlds lol

  3. I am completely guilty of leaving rambley blog comments. Most of the time I just rattle off the thoughts that come to me about a blog entry and it seldom makes sense haha.

    Hooray for you being happy with how you look! More women need to feel this way.

    AND on reading YA — wo0t! I pretty much ONLY enjoy reading books full of supernatural this and that. Sometimes, how they are written drives me a little insane though. (Boys that Bite for example = /pullsouthairwhiletossingbookacrossroom.)

    Anyways, I look forward to reading your blog.


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