Lets Make Fun Of Me!

Due to the my lovely DNA and growing up in Southern California with its perpetual sunlight most my life I have had a lovely tan.

Like this:

(Ireland 2008)

Spending a full winter in Northern Europe and its lack of sun, as in whole weeks with no sunlight I turned real pasty.

Like this:

(This year making a funky face)

I was not to worried about since most everyone else is walking around past around Angelholm but then my mom came to visit and could not even handle it and made fun of me non stop. Also I bought a really cute pink bandage skirt from Forever 21 and wanted to wear it sans tights so I took matters into my own hands.

I bought this Dove Lotion from H&M when they were having it on special.

I am sure they sell it all over this is how the front looks for the one here.

The back however looks like this

So I obviously could not read all that (it is in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Spanish) so I asked Mr. H and his only response was use circular motions.

It seemed easy enough and it said the self tanner was subtle and it would be gradual so I went full force into it.

This was the result

Besides the fact that in this picture I have on mismatched pink pajamas my hands and arms are completely different colors.

This was after three uses!!

I was totally mortified when I realized I had been walking around with this combo, the insane laughter of Mr. H also was not helping me feel better either.

So I have been on a mission this week to fix it and luckily with some exfoliating and carefully placed lotion I am all together one color again!

Either way hope I made you laugh this Friday!!

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