My New Wine Love

Back in May I wrote this post based on Things I Was Afraid to Say and in it I wrote I did not care for red wine. Well something happened to my taste buds since May because now I am in a huge red wine phase. I think it might have to do with the weather as when it is in the negatives for Fahrenheit and Celsius white wine just does not seem appealing but who knows maybe it was turning 27!

On Saturday Mr. H and went to Systembolaget not knowing wether we wanted to get wine or beer and once there wine won but it took us ages to decide because the choices are so overwhelming. I feel with beer I know my way around but with wine I know what I do not care for but not exactly what I do like. We finally decided on a bottle because the store was hot and I was not willing to take off my hat, scarf, and jacket to put them all on again once we got outside.

vieux noir

This bottle we finally decided on was exquisite. It is Reserve du Vieux Noir Malbec, now I do not know enough about wine to tell you all the fancy stuff but I can say I will buy this time and time again. At Systembolaget it was 69 kr and I am not sure where else in the world you can buy it but if you see it be sure to try it!

2 thoughts on “My New Wine Love

  1. I’ve tried so hard to like red wine! We’ve been on a couple of wine tours, and I’ve sampled a lot but I just can’t get into it. I’m so picky with white, wanting it to be as light as possible, that the thought of anything full-bodied makes me cringe. But whenever I see someone drinking red wine from one of those huge glasses, it looks so sophisticated and I think to myself: Hmmm, maybe I should try some again. And then I do, and I hate it. Haha! Maybe when I’m 35, I’ll try again. ;)

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