Sunday Currently – Gold Stars

Photo on 7-7-14 at 5.52 PM #2

I am always much more inclined to fix something up that I already have instead of buying something new so this past week when I washed my makeup brushes I decided the case needed some love as well. I have had it for probably 5 years and it was falling apart but it was nothing a little packing tape could not fix! I also added a few gold stars because gold stars are awesome. Now it should last till December when I can get a new one in California!

Reading:  In the box my grandparents sent there were three Charlaine Harris books. One from her Aurora Teagarden series which I read on Friday and then two from her Lily Bard series one of which I read yesterday and the last I started this morning. I told myself to pace them out but once I started I could not help myself!

Listening: To Chopin, when I am home alone I just love to listen to classical music real loud and ever since I noticed they now have Impromptu on Netflix I have been in a Chopin mood.

Thinking: I do not understand the hashtag #keepthefaith, whenever I see it I want to comment “what faith?” but do not want to be rude. So if you use let me know why and if you think it is silly then let me know too!

Smelling: English Breakfast tea, today was the first day all week that it was cool enough so a cup of tea with breakfast sounded good.

Wishing: Mr. H did not have to work on my birthday but that is grown up life I guess.

Hoping: For rain, like I said all week it has been hot and humid so a good downpour would feel so lovely.

Wearing: PJ shorts and a white tank top since I know I am not going to eat anything messy today I felt my white tank top would be in trouble!

Loving: All of the comments on my post I did last night, it was something that I have been thinking about for a long time and all of a sudden it just came together.

Wanting: Mint n chip ice cream, I went to get some Friday but there was none and now I will be thinking about it till I track some down!

Needing: To call home, it has been a month since I have talked to my mom!

Feeling: Proud, this week I managed to do 5 workouts after only 3 last week.

Watching: Remember how I said I was going to start watching a less dorky show, well I started Haven which is basically dorky! I like it so far but not as much as I have liked Fringe, Eureka, or Warehouse 13 but I am only 4 1/2 episodes in though so I guess I just need to give it time.

Hope your weekend was what you wanted it to be and seriously let me know about that hashtag thing!


10 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Gold Stars

  1. Ah yea? Fringe was a good one? I think it’s on Netflix (Canada) and I’ve been eyeing it for awhile.

    I love listening to classical music too when I’m home.

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