Do I Have to Follow You Forever?

I follow 240 people on Twitter, 190 blogs on Bloglovin’, and 92 people on Instagram. Do I read and see every tweet, blog post, and picture everyday that they post? No I see what happens to catch my interest when I am online which varies day to day and with time zone differences I am sure some people’s tweets barely ever make my radar.

Each of those people though at one time or another did something to catch my interest and I wanted to know more. I wanted to have a virtual part of that persons life or online persona.

The thing though is that people change, what interests me when I joined Twitter in 2011 is not necessarily going to interest me anymore. If I know that people are always changing then I should not feel bad when I unfollow someone.

Yet I do.

I feel like I am committing an internet sin to click that little button and say I no more want to see and hear what you are offering. If what they are offering no longer resonates with my life though than I should step away. I should not be bored, frustrated, or annoyed with what I engage with online as that is time I could be using for something else.

So no just because at one time I followed you does not me I have to follow you forever.


15 thoughts on “Do I Have to Follow You Forever?

  1. Yes! I’ve had a lot of the same feelings. Sometimes I feel like I have information overload. I’m subscribed to so many people that I can’t focus on the ones that I love. I think this is why I suck so much at commenting on other blogs. When you have 100 different posts pop up in your blog lovin’ feed it can get really overwhelming. :/

    I think the next time I have a free weekend, I’ll be doing a massive clean out on my social media platforms.

  2. I occasionally go through and clean out social media. There are some people I followed that I just don’t connect with anymore, or I decide I don’t need whatever they’re writing or sharing in my life. You can’t feel bad about it… It just happens sometimes. Then, of course, there are the people I’ll probably follow forever because now I’m too invested! :) but I too don’t see every tweet or comment or post, because depending I when I check social media, I see some stuff and not others!

  3. I definitely feel awkward about deleting people but honestly, if I’m skipping over all of your posts, why keep following?

  4. I agree with this very much. Sometimes you just decide to follow someone because you think their blog looks like your type….it turns out later that it’s not, so I unfollow. I try not to follow anyone without good reason and I figure than my “unfollows” are pretty not-noticeable because I never unfollow anyone that I actually read! At least I hope my unfollows aren’t noticeable because you’re right, you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings!

    • I know at times I will follow someone and then as my life changes it is no longer beneficial to me, like I love book review blogs but since I cannot get the books easily it frustrates me so I unfollow!

  5. I totally agree! I wrote a similar post about this topic last week, actually. It’s so easy to mindlessly follow people, but eventually it just all feels like clutter. Unfollowing somebody might have that initial twinge of guilt, but, ultimately, I have never regretted unsubscribing or unfollowing. Sometimes we just need to cleanse our online lives.

  6. I’m one of those people who regularly unfollows on Bloglovin and Twitter. When I find a new blog or see an interesting person on Twitter, I follow and see if they end up being my type. If they’re not (or if all they post on Twitter is link spam), I unfollow. And if they’re using Just Unfollow or something, they drop me too! (Un)Following is such a funny game.

  7. I always feel guilty when I unfollow! And I went on a bit of a purge of my bloglovin’ the other weekend…

    but I rarely unfollow bloggers on Twitter or Instagram, so I feel like if I see a post that interests me on there I can always click through to their blog, you know?

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