Always and Never about Sweden

I very rarely ever blog about Sweden directly. The reason is that I know if I say in Sweden x,y, and z happen and this is why it is really only the Sweden I know I am blogging about.

The Sweden I know is tainted with having a husband from a certain area, Skåne, and his ideas about life and the fact that he lived in America for 2 1/2 years.

The Sweden I know is tainted with my Americanness, my education, and my ideas about life.

The Sweden I know is also tainted by the place we currently live and the people I have known in my time here.

So it is not the Sweden you know from your life, or TV, or looking up pictures of Alexander Skårsgard online.

The Sweden I know is a deep and personal thing to me and one that I often keep to myself as I even after three years am still very protective about it and it is in a fragile state at times.

However I am always blogging about Sweden as this is my life.

Every part of my life is now infused with Sweden.

My memories now have a filter of that was America and this is Sweden. My tastes in food and clothing have altered with the growing of myself in a new place. My interest about politics and public policy have been heightened.

Then all of that filters down into when I blog about our meal plan and our anniversary.

So yes this is a blog about Sweden even without posts about the joys of cheap fast internet and the headache that is CSN.


13 thoughts on “Always and Never about Sweden

  1. Hell yes. “My” London isn’t tourist attractions, the royal family & merry old England but it’s where I lived for seven years and truly became an adult, just the same as my Australia will be less about kangaroos and koalas but where I embark on a new adventure.

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