From Then to Now

Six years ago Mr. H and I sat on a lumpy couch in the midst of a the chaotic hostel I was living in and decided that the past two weeks were amazing and we became a couple.

then 2008

It did not matter to us that he was going back to Sweden the next day and I was on a short term visa in England. We had plans and we were together in them so we set out on a journey that very few people thought would work.

then 2009 us

Here we are though all these years later happier than we ever thought possible.

2010 then us

I could say it has not always been easy, and waiting for visa paperwork to come through is always stressful, but being together has been the easiest thing I have ever done in my life.

2011 then us

Everything else I can think of to say sounds like a huge cliche but those phrases are around for a reason so we fit together and complete each other and all that malarkey.

2012 then us

The truth is though that we make our relationship number one in our lives. We listen to each other, we look out for each other, and we are always making sure that we are the top priority and are moving forward in life together.

then 2013 us

We celebrated on Saturday with a fancy dinner out and drinks, today is all about normal life with work and grocery shopping but I cannot help and wonder what the next six years will bring us and where we will be celebrating 12 years.

now 2014


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