Sunday Currently – Vitamin C Boosted

Sunday Currently 9-14

Thank you so much for all the well wishes! I am back to normal and by that I mean a bit hungover on Sunday. Last night Mr. H and I went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate being together for 6 years. So not surprising I woke up walking a bit slow this morning, a good greasy breakfast with coffee and orange juice seems to be doing the trick though!

Reading: I am not really into reading while sick but I did manage a few short stories from an Agatha Christie book I am reading and the last 50 pages of a Janet Evanovich but today I am hoping to make some real progress in ‘salems Lot. I have such a stack of to read books at the moment I am feeling a bit overwhelmed but Mr. H reminded me this morning that I should just read what I want and renew the other library books.

Listening: I am having such a mega Martha Wainwright love at the moment, I am sure my neighbors really loved my listening to Proserpina on repeat while I cooked dinner the other night and did my best to sing along!

Thinking: This week is going to be interesting. Mr. H has an odd schedule for a healthcare worker but what most people consider normal. He will be working M-F 7-4 when he normally has breaks in the week or like this past week was only three days since two of them were 9:45-9 shifts. I am happy to have him home for every dinner though!

Smelling: Orange resorb, I just had one to help not get dehydrated. I really prefer the blackcurrant one though.

Wishing: I would have worn sensible shoes last night, I wore these super cute black and gold flats but it has been ages since I wore them and my pinkie toes have blisters now.

Wearing: So many prints, I have one tri-color polka dot socks with a leopard print maxi skirt, green tank top and black velour pull over. I call it Sunday comfy chic hahaha honestly it was one of those pull out all your favorites and wear them at once since you are not leaving the house type outfits.

Loving: Coupons, yesterday we were able to use a coupon for a free coffee at Espresso House and then with Mr. H’s student ID we got 10% off the other drink meaning we were able to get two large fancy coffee drinks for 38 kr!!!

Wanting: To buy every candle I see, normally I am fine with the mega pack of tealights from IKEA but this year I am wanting every candle I see for some reason.

Needing: To work on a cross stitch pattern I started, it is a Halloween one so I have a bit of time but doing cross stitch takes so much more time than embroidering.

Feeling: Not sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching: I started Last Tango in Halifax and am hooked on the storyline. I am not usually one for a more drama type show but this one has me hooked and I am so excited it is on Netflix.

Challenge Accepted

6 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Vitamin C Boosted

  1. I am going to have to check out Last Tango In Halifax. Netflix keeps recommending it to me, but I keep bypassing. However, you were right about To Call The Midwife and Fringe, so I’ll definitely add this one to my list.

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