A Very Small woo Friday

the sick corner

Well we made it to Friday folks. I am happy because Mr. H has Saturday and Sunday off but today he is working a 12 hour shift so it is mellow lands around here.

Also last night our very rude neighbors sat on their patio being loud and drunk from 2:30-4 am so not what a sick person and one that has to work 12 hrs wants. We finally put on some music and fell asleep but this morning we emailed our property management company and found out they have a 24 hr number we can call in the future and that they are going to be contacting him via phone and mail.

I am also going to try to move away from my sick corner a bit. I have been snuggled in there for most of Wednesday and Thursday so today I am being wild and sitting at the desk in the kitchen and just might sort some laundry and do a few dishes.

Ok that will be the extent of my rebelliousness today as I really really want to go to town for coffee and a hamburger tomorrow.

Hmmm that was one run on thought so yeah happy Friday and be holly and jolly and all that ok!


11 thoughts on “A Very Small woo Friday

  1. Oh no :( I hope you are feeling better soon!
    That really sucks about your neighbours, have you considered asking them for their phone number so you can contact them directly in future? Dan and I have been guilty of the loud balcony drinking thing and we are always asking our neighbours to drop us a quick message if we disturb them, then we will go inside!

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