A Bit of Sunshine


A large part of me wants to wallow in being sick but the other part says get over yourself it is just a little asthma attack. To combat the wallowing side I decided to do a list that of things that bring me a bit of sunshine.

1. Netflix – As a kid I was happy with my VHS copies of Wizard of Oz and Parent Trap (the original, only ever the original) when I was sick but now I love all the options available to me on Netflix. So far today I have watched The Iron Lady and Frasier reruns, not sure what will come next but it will be exciting.

2. iPad games – While sitting on the couch iPad games make the time go so much faster.

3. Regular Coke – Normally I do not drink it but when I am sick the combination of sugar, caffeine, and carbonation really perk me up and Mr. H bought me a giant bottle last night.

4. No dish doing – I am meant to stay on the couch so I am out of all house duties, most importantly dishes!

5. Tights as pants – That pretty much explains it all.

6. Snack time – According to less than a year away from being a nurse Mr. H says when you are sick snacks are key. I am not one to complain about that.

What brings you a smile when you are sick?


6 thoughts on “A Bit of Sunshine

  1. Hope you start feeling better soon…earlier this month I had issues with a cold that involved Asthma like reaction–scary! So I can totally empathize with your situation now. What do I like to do? Make a “nest” on the couch…and binge watch tv shows and/or play on my iPad…recently got addicted to playing ‘clash of clans’…Comfort foods include ginger ale and tuna fish casserole…(don’t ask me why but it does make me feel so much better!)

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