(Sunday) Currently – Punctually Late

bar selfie polaroid style


Mr. H’s first week of school turned out to be very mellow so we used it as an excuse to do all sorts of things we never got around to before like going to the mall and stocking up at the big grocery store and walking to town for lunch. It was so much fun and I managed to only turn on the computer twice but am happy to get back to thee old blog this week!

Reading: I have a giant stack of library books and should be getting two new ones in the mail today so it is more of like what am I not reading right now. I am mainly reading ‘salems Lot but Stephen King, my first of his books, but decided to keep that to day time reading only so as to be able to not have horrible nightmares!

Listening: At this very moment The National as I double triple chocolate love them and they are a nice break from the more hard music that Mr. H is always sneaking in when he is home.

Writing: Today Jade posted the guest post I did for her: Accountability in the Modern Age if you want to check it out!

Thinking: About Christmas, I cannot help it as I keep thinking of more and more things I want to do when we go to California and I cannot wait to squeeze my brothers and see my parents and grandparents and aunts.

Smelling: Peanut butter, we decided to try a new brand we came across at Willy’s and it is so good and creamy on some wheat toast. Well I think it is wheat as the Swedish package calls it fiber but ahhh it is brown and healthy looking.

Wishing: All goes smooth for Mr. H today, he is starting a new practique at a place that could be really challenging so I hope he is paired with a good nurse and it all comes together for a good four weeks of learning.

Hoping: All the mail I want to come comes and I can tear open packages!

Wearing: My one and only sundress, sometimes it is just easier to throw it on when I get out of the shower and then pick out a proper outfit later. I guess you could say I use it as my dressing gown.

Loving: Candles, when we went to the mall I bought some fun candles at IKEA and they really make it feel so cozy at night when we are watching TV.

Wanting: To go watch the Timra vs Rögle game on Friday at the sports bar in town. The first team is the one from up here and the second is from Mr. H’s hometown so it is a perfect match for us!

Needing: To figure out some meals for this week and rest, my whole life September has been an asthma trigger month so I am trying to keep it in mind and rest when I need to.

Feeling: Contented, it has been so wonderful to have Mr. H home these past two weeks and be able to spend time together and go out doing couple things that we were not really able to do over the summer.

Watching: Midsomer Murders, we have seriously watched one and half seasons this past week!!!

Challenge Accepted

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