Wishing, Hoping, and Planning – The Summer Follow Up

weekly wishes june 2014

In June I created this list of things I was wishing, planning, and hoping to get done. I wanted to do a follow up and see how I did and hopefully get an idea of what I should plan for fall/winter.

1. Wash makeup brushes  7/7

2. Wash cloth ipad cover  6/25

3. Paint my nails once a week – I did pretty good with this as it was a great way to spend some time when I was home alone at night.

4. Read at least one book a week – Since posting the original post I have read 26 books so I did double my goal!

5. Mail my brother a list of songs I think he will love – No but sitting in the kitchen is a padded mailer with a CD we made him ready to be mailed!

6. Mail my other brother a list of books I think he will love – No but we have been emailing eachother which in a way accomplishes this as I just wanted to create some sort of contact as he gets older.

7. Workout 5 times a week – Hmmmmm not so much, I have worked out though but with my hip bothering me it has been more sporadic than I would like.

8. Blog at least 4 times a week – Not exactly but I kept up the blog over summer much more than I have in the past.

9. Embroider July and August’s patterns – Yes and as of today I am 99% done with Septembers!

10. Try out one new recipe a week – This started out strong but when the heat wave came I could care less about cooking and went into easy basic mode!

11. Learn a new card game – No again but Mr. H and I did have a 7 day canasta challenge which was really fun.

12. Record at least two vlogs – Yes!!! My grandparents really liked them so now I am trying to come up with some new topics to do.

13. Lastly follow myself and do what makes me happy and one day if it means watch tons of TV do it! – O yeah I did this! Overall I had a really great summer and am now really looking forward to fall and Mr. H starting his last year of nursing school.

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8 thoughts on “Wishing, Hoping, and Planning – The Summer Follow Up

  1. I like the idea of having a focus like this – I have been feeling a bit lost/disorganised recently, so I think this will help!

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