Sunday Currently – Decompression Day

f reading sunday currently

This week Mr. H has had the week free and we have been taking advantage of it to the maximum. Drinks out, lunch in town, feasts at home with plenty of game playing and book reading. Today we are both moving a bit slow from all of the excitement, it feels we fit a whole summer of fun into one week really and are almost a bit excited for the new school year to start tomorrow.

Reading: I read The Fault in Our Stars this week which I am happy I read when Mr. H was around so I could randomly hug him when it got sad. I am following it up with Service With a Smile by P.G. Wodehouse since it is a good light-hearted read.

Listening: We have been listening to music pretty much non stop this week while we were in the house. Queen has been on heavy rotation as there is a DVD coming out next week on a previously unreleased concert from 1974 that Mr. H is very interested in.

Thinking: That it is going to take me a few days of getting through my Bloglovin’ feed after taking a computer break this week. I only turned on the computer once on Wednesday to put up a quick post so now I have 195 unread posts!

Smelling: Orange Resorb, for those of you not in Sweden Resorb are fizzy tablets that you put in water and are full of electrolytes and things that Mr. H always gives me when I start getting sick.

Wishing: I had some new boots, I think I am always wanting new boots but I feel a significant gap in my boots as I have a cute low heeled pair but they do not do for rain and then I have two winter pairs. I would love a black leather flat pair and will be trying on every pair I come across when we go to California this year.

Hoping: That my asthma does not get really bad this fall like last fall so it is smooth sailing around our house.

Wearing: My pj’s, this Sunday I decided to put of showering and get tucked into blogging first.

Loving: The Pinterest app, I am a reluctant Pinterest user and usually only can manage looking at the website for a few minutes but the app for some reason I find highly engaging!

Wanting: To get out and take some pictures of the changing leaves but not sure I will be let out with my wheezing today.

Needing: To get back to the old squats and sit ups, I knew I would likely not exercise with Mr. H home all week but I did not take into account all the food and alcohol so I need to  get back to it next week.

Feeling: Bittersweet, it has been so wonderful spending so much time with Mr. H but I know it is just going to make his new very busy school year a bit hard at first. Also that it is his last year of nursing school, it will be wonderful when he is done and graduated with a nursing degree but he has been in school the majority of the time we have been together so it will be weird when he is out. I am sure though he will be back one day so he can be a nurse practitioner though and I will be like no more school again!!

Watching: Last night we watched Cockneys vs Zombies on a lark and ended up laughing and enjoying the whole movie. It was on Swedish Netflix but you should try and find it either way and let me know what you think!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Decompression Day

  1. I loved the book, but it totally made me cry, too. Except I kept banishing my husband from the room so he wouldn’t see me sniffing and snorting and wiping all the tears. I don’t care if I cry but I hate people seeing it. :p

    Yay for new boots and changing leaves, too! I haven’t seen either since we moved and am really looking forward to everyone sharing all their fall fun!

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