Meals of the Week – We eat Spam

This week I just planned out seven meals but only one has a set day since Mr. H has the week off we thought it might be better just to play it by ear.

Pork Ramen

Chili con Carne served with tortilla chips, cheese, salsa, and creme fraiche

Spicy Chicken Strips with French Fries

Lamb Roast with potatoes and green beans

Hawaiian BBQ Taquitos and black beans

Greek Chicken Wraps

Rice Bowls – This will be on Sunday so there are leftovers for Monday



Each week I try and prepare us well balanced dinners with veggies and meat and make sure we have fruit on hand for snacks but sometimes you just need something that is none of those things which is where a meal like this comes in.

It all started out as a joke one year, my grandparents put together this amazing Thanksgiving care package for us with gravy, stuffing mix, mashed potatoes, yams, pumpkin pie mix and then as a turkey substitute a can of turkey Spam.

My grandpa thought it was hilarious and could not wait to see what I was going to say about it. The thing was though that Mr. H never grew up with any idea about Spam and was all ready to cook it up and eat it and so I did since it was in the cupboard. I cut it into strips, fried it and served with over a salad.

Guess what it was a hit! Mr. H loved it and so every once in a while my grandparents will slip in a can into a care package. Now we have a set meal for it that includes fried Spam, noodles, soy sauce, sriracha, and creme fraiche/graddfil.

It may sound crazy but it is actually a really nice comforting lunch, not going to get you any points at the doctors of course but not all meals can.


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