Sunday Currently – Lasts

sunday currently august 10

Well Lauren is no longer doing the Sunday Currently link up but I really love wrapping up the week with it so I am going to be continuing on with it. Also today is Mr. H’s last day working at the hospital in his current capacity. He has all next week off and then starts school and new rounds of practique so really only two weeks will be different then it is back to hospital life.

Reading: Last week I mentioned I am hooked on the Stephanie Plum books and was reading book 5. Well now I have finished 5 and 6 and started on book 7. Sadly book 7 needs some serious library repairs as pages 1-42 came out in a big clump when I started it last night!

Listening: To Chopin, I think classical piano music is the perfect accompaniment to rain.

Thinking: The internet can be exhausting, I love blogging and blog reading but sometimes when you add in all the extras like Twitter and Facebook you want to scream.

Smelling: Rain, it has been raining of and on since Wednesday and I am in heaven!

Wishing: I had a cake or something to celebrate Mr. H’s last day but he will not be home till after 10 so it is really past cake time.

Hoping: Next week has one nice day so we can do some exploring minus umbrellas.

Wearing: Polka dot pj’s and a sweater featured in my closet vlog, I was going to put on some more proper pants but you know it is Sunday and I am home alone why get perfectly good pants dirty!

Loving: All the chicken in the freezer, it was on major sale this week so we know have over 3 kilos of chicken just waiting for some tasty meals this coming week.

Wanting: To go out for coffee, I wanted to go last Thursday but we had to wait around for a girl to come and buy some old textbooks and of course she came right when it would be prime fika time!

Needing: To take off my nail polish, I painted them blue with this really lovely sparkle which looked great last week this week it looks like crap but I just keep saying I will do it later….

Feeling: Achy, I think I have been fighting a cold for about a week which I am happy it has stayed on the sidelines but it has made me feel a bit worn out.

Watching: We are one episode away from finishing season 2 of The Nanny, we have been watching an episode with lunch and one before bed and every time we are so surprised with how much we laugh.

What have you been up to this past week?


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