In My Closet – Vlog

The other day as I was scrolling through Twitter I saw Amanda (The Lady Okie) comment about a link up involving closets and I was totally intrigued. With a bit of sleuthing I found that it was part of a monthly link up series at In Its Time.

In Its Time
After a bit more reading and watching I was excited to add my vlog to the link up. I showcased some pieces from my closet that I love and why I love them. Hope you enjoy and make sure to check out the link up to see some more closet treasures!

In My Closet Vlog from Bailie Hemborg on Vimeo.


13 thoughts on “In My Closet – Vlog

  1. Your video wasn’t what I expected! I really liked your clothing categories (especially, “I’m an adult and I’ll wear what I want” haha). I think it’s so nice that you have pieces that belonged to family members and friends that you can wear to remind you of them :) I graduated HS 2 years after you, and was so excited to get my first piece of clothing with my university’s name on it. My UNC Chapel Hill hoody will go with me to my grave! :D

  2. Okay, you are so cute (and funny!) in your vlog! I feel like I really got to know you better AND I also got a glimpse into your closet, too. I love your 97 cent jeans (what a steal!!) and I also love what you said about clothes being sentimental and having stories attached to them. There are a few pieces I could never give away (even though I don’t wear them) because they hold memories. :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. You are so adorable Bailie! I loved your stories about your clothes, you have such great memories associated with them. That last sweater is comfiness personified, you have to move it to your side!

  4. LOL to the sweater in the intimates section. You mean you don’t wear long sweaters to bed? haha! Also, you are hilarious. Love your 97-cent pants. Glad you did this! Fun times. I am going to do mine now!

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