Not With Me!!

Our building has a front and back entrance. The front entrance you can enter either with your key fob or by using the key pad and having the person you are coming to see buzz you in. The back entrance you can only use your key fob for entry.

front entrance

When you are walking up to either entrance the whole area is very visible. Now when I am alone and coming to either side if I see people waiting to get in I walk around to the other side so I do not have to let them in.

I do this for a few reasons:

I am sure they are perfectly fine ordinary people but what if they are not, I do not want them robbing or causing harm to me or others in our building.

What if someone in the building does not want to see them. I always think if I was avoiding someone so did not buzz them in and then someone came along and just let them in I would be pissed.

I hate talking to strangers, if you walk up to the door and in and someone is standing there you are bound to have to say something to them.

Mr. H thinks it makes sense but that I am a bit extreme in my avoidance of letting people in and will not often go all the around the buildings to avoid it himself.

So what would you do, I am curious if I am just a typical paranoid Californian or that you think this is totally normal too.

O and I so far have found no solution for leaving the building and not letting a person go in behind me without seeming like a real crazy lady!

6 thoughts on “Not With Me!!

  1. We used to live in a building where everyone had to be buzzed in and I kinda miss that extra feeling of security. I am with you, I wouldn’t let people, I would so be that person not answering the buzzer to avoid someone!

  2. I use to just push the door shut behind me…I’m not letting you in. It is always awkward though, but you never know. This was when I lived in a very small condo (not very many units) and I would not want to be responsible for letting a crazy person in!

  3. Haha! I totally get this, though I also think the paranoias I have due to growing up in the US aren’t really so valid in Sweden, so I ignore the impulse.

    HOWEVER… once last spring, I let a repairman into the building next to ours (takes the same key fob) because he had clearly just locked himself out by accident. Two seconds later, when I realized when I’d done, I went back and asked him, “Hey, you’re not going to rob anyone, right?!” We both laughed and he promised he wouldn’t.

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