Sunday Currently – Socks On?

Primark Leopard Shoes

If you follow me on instagram you will have most likely seen my feet in these shoes already! Now that the weather has changed though I think Friday might have been the last hurrah for going out at night sockless. I will miss my flats so much but at least that awful tan line will be covered up!

Reading: High Five by Janet Evanovich, when I read the first in the series I was not sold but now that I know the series is out there I find myself picking up the next one when I am at the library.

Listening: 7 O’Clock News/Silent Night by Simon and Garfunkel, I do not go in much for politics and things on my blog but it is really interesting how the news broadcast in that song featuring items from August 3, 1966 mirror the news of these past weeks. If you can find a recording of it I highly suggest listening as it is a really moving piece.

Thinking: That Sundays are my favorite day of the week, I just love the no pressure hang around the house and cook a really hearty meal feeling they have lately.

Smelling: Vanilla Lipsmackers, I love it only if I am not going to eat or drink soon otherwise it is very overpowering.

Wishing: I had a proper rain jacket. I have a trench that is waterproof but it makes me look super short, well I am super short but it just adds to it.

Hoping: I can stay healthy, whenever the weather does a huge change I am prone to getting an asthma attack which with Mr. H having a whole week in between work and school coming up I would like to be healthy for it.

Wearing: Hoodies of all kinds, it was slightly overkill since it was only possible with the windows open but last night I put on a hoodie, long pj pants and socks and was so happy to feel snuggly again.

Loving: How we moved the bookcase in the kitchen, it was a really minor change but made it feel fresh and new again.

Wanting: Donuts, not just any donuts though I want some from a cheap place in California with a carton of chocolate milk.

Feeling: Invigorated, I am prone to being really moody in summer and I can feel myself opening up again and feeling excited to tackle new projects with the end of the season.

Watching: Last night we watched Skyfall, yes two years after it came out, and man is Daniel Craig sexy!


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