About the Horse (that Mr. H ate)

Once the snow melted this year we noticed a new place had taken over a prime place in the town square. We kept seeing it full of people so one day in Spring we strolled over and read the menu. Immediately Mr. H wanted to eat there as they had horse steak on the menu. Mr. H loves to try new and slightly weird and crazy food, I swear I have not stopped hearing about the steak and kidney pie he had when we met up with Emma in June, so we decided when my family visited in June we would go.

Well the night they were to arrive we decided to have a drink there and make sure it would be a good place to take them.

Torget 1

It was super cute inside, and the owner was speaking a mix of English and French which just added to its charm.

Torget 2

With Torget thoroughly vetted we knew we would be back.

The night we finally decided to go with my family Mr. H ended up having to home early and study so he missed out. There are also no pictures from that meal for some reason but it was such a fun experience I knew Mr. H needed to eat there so we decided for my birthday.

Then he had to work over my whole birthday weekend so finally after months of wanting to try the horse we made it happen on the 2nd!

Horse Steak Torget

So Mr. H may be an adventurous eater but I tend to well not be but the steak looked normal as you can see so I was brave and tried it and guess what it was amazing! It tasted like a mix of lamb and elk, gamey but not overly so and had an almost melt in your mouth quality to it.

We did of course need to make some lame Mr. Ed style jokes but Mr. H was very happy to check horse of his list of foods tried and I was too!

If you are in Sundsvall, hahaha like that will happen, you should check it out or find horse near you and eat up!

Torget Brasserie de Charcuterie

10 thoughts on “About the Horse (that Mr. H ate)

  1. Interesting experience! I’m not an adventurous eater either, so I’ve never tried horse (or dog, in Korea!) I remember one of my friends accidentally had horse pizza in Sicily – she said it tasted good but when she found out it was horse afterward, she felt horrified!

  2. Great blog and by the way, you look amazing! I really appreciate your blog. We are adventurous eaters and like to “try” everything. My recent favorite was haggis and it was amazing!

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