A name is a name is a name


My dad is named Robert as is my mothers brother. My dad has always been called Robert and my uncle Bobby, so much so that Mr. H did not even know my uncle was named Robert till we had been together for like two years.

The thing is my dad would be ok if you called him Robbie, his mom actually used to on occasion, or Bob or Rob my mom however would give you such stink eye. She will even correct a person on the phone if they call and ask for Robbie.

With her militant stance for calling people by their full name she made a point of naming her children names that had no common nickname nor could they easily be made into one. She was also pretty adamant that we would be the only one in our grade with our name which she managed for the first two but they went with a Biblical name for the youngest and you cannot escape other people using it sometimes.

She did a great job though with me as I have never been called anything besides Bailie, even Mr. H has tried to give me a nickname and failed as my mom did such a good job of ingraining that I was Bailie just Bailie.

Funnily enough though my brothers and I love to give people and things nicknames. I have at least three I use interchangeably for Mr. H, they are so common in our house that if I call him by his actual name he gets all worried that something is wrong.

Like I said though we do not just stop at people we love to shorten or nickname EVERYTHING!

In our house these are used all the time with no explanation needed:

The A Store – Åhléns

The Boob Store – Öob

P&R – Parks and Recreation

A Dad – American Dad

Pal – What I call my grandpa, I am the only grandchild to do this

Ghost mug – White and black mugs we have, they are small so we will even use to ask what size in relation to other mugs

Grillers – Sandwiches with melted cheese made in the oven

Ok I think you get the idea! It is such a funny way to end up rebelling against your parents though huh and to still be doing it at 29!

So are you in the nickname love or hate camp?


4 thoughts on “A name is a name is a name

  1. Love camp here!!! The only thing is that Andreas is basically impossible to nickname, since we both hate “Andy.” But we have a ton of nicknames for each other, and since Theo’s been born, he’s acquired about ninety!

    PS–I love “the boob store” hahahaha, cracked me up!

  2. I love nicknames, but it really depends on who the person using it – the first time my boss called me Em I was all like ‘huh, oh’ whereas Mr Kiwi and I (his given blog nickname) never use each others names. Weird huh?

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