Sunday Currently – Mildly Less Sweaty

sunday currently august 10

Friday night there was a huge thunderstorm which has helped make it just slightly more enjoyable weather wise. I am sure though I am speaking to soon but the good thing about living so far north is that you know it cannot last that much longer. Even Mr. H messaged me this yesterday “think of peppermint mochas, pumpkin bread, mmm fall”! So yeah Grandma if you are reading us Hemborg’s are ready for any and all pumpkin things or your pumpkin bread recipe and a can of pumpkin!

Reading: Not much, I have a hard time reading when I feel like a walking fountain but I already am planning on which book to read when the leaves change color.

Listening: This morning it is all about classical music on the piano, I always wonder if my neighbors are the sort that hate classical music and would prefer if I was listening to say rap at 11:30 on a Sunday morning .

Thinking: That I have a really clean fridge, no but I read this article on The Kitchn yesterday about how long to keep your condiments and was flabbergasted at the comments. I do not know if we just love condiments but I cannot imagine having any of the things listed in my fridge for longer than stated or for that amount of time at all.

Smelling: The new body soap I bought called Spring Rain, normally I buy a flowery or citrus type one and Mr. H buys a sports type one but I wanted one we could both us and have to say it is not my favorite but it does its job so just about 900 ml to go!

Wishing: The busses were on a better schedule today since a coffee in town sounds really nice.

Hoping: That no mean bugs fly in the house, we have been really lucky this summer compared to Southern Sweden that the mean bugs have not been abundant and I am happy to keep it that way.

Wearing: Long pants!!!! I love my capri length Old Navy pants but it feels good to not be sweating just because I covered my ankles.

Loving: Straws, when I last went to the mall I picked up a pack from IKEA and not only did they randomly color match my french press they are just so fun. Last week when we were having some sparkling water I put it in a glass with ice cubes and a straw and Mr. H said he felt like he was at an American restaurant!

Wanting: Some red and green cloth napkins or heavy dish towels to embroider for Christmas.

Needing: To do some dishes and finish up a project I started for a friend.

Feeling: Rested, this morning I woke up when Mr. H left for work at 6 but was able to fall asleep again at 8:30 and then slept till 11!

Watching:  Charmed, I was watching the UK version of Being Human but I needed a break since it is really intense and am loving the nostalgia factor of Charmed. Also it is great for watching while embroidering as you do not have to closely monitor the plot line of the episodes.

So what have you been up to lately?

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