Mellow Weekend after Little Friday

In Sweden when you have a big night during the week you sometimes will call it Little Friday.

little thursday snacks

Well we had ourselves a Little Friday last night!

Since Mr. H is working this weekend we did up Thursday real good. We had beers from Sweden, America, England, Mexico and the Czech Republic you know since we are equal opportunity beer drinkers!

We also made hot wings and had pepperoni pizza which filled us up but we still managed to eat some crisps and a little bag of gummy bears.

Along with all the eating we played games and tested our brain power on knowing all 50 states (I will not tell you how poorly I did but suffice to say if I ever go back to school I should take a geography class).

Then it started thundering with some great lightning so we watched that before admitting defeat and headed to bed.

Today we have big plans to buy some chicken and tuna since they are on sale and watch TV I think.

Then this weekend I shall entertain myself with nail painting and book reading while Mr. H does his taking care of sick people thing!

Hope your weekend is easy breezy fun!


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