Thoughtful Thursday IV

thoughtful thursday

1. I wanted to just do IIII in the post title and then was like nah this is the internet and someone will freak out be like that is not how one does Roman numerals. O and I felt a tiny bit smart that I remembered how to do it right because I mean really in my housewife line of work they do not come up often.

2. Laura has up the links for all the Day in the Life posts and they are super fun to read, especially if you like a good old fashioned nosy blog post. Check them out here.

3. The internet is totally crazy and weird sometimes. In March of 2012 I posted a recipe for Honey Pork Ramen then in October 2013 I linked to it in a comments section on This Week for Dinner relating to a post she did on making ramen at home. Then on Tuesday I logged onto WordPress and was shocked to see a huge spike in my stats, that post over the last three days has gotten 796 views!!! It is honestly just boggling my mind but go forth and eat ramen I guess!

4. Mr. H and I have this joke that depending on how much I read in a day you can tell how sick I am but now it has changed to how many pictures I post on instagram. The other day I was not feeling well and when Mr. H came home from work he was amazed I had not posted one picture compared to the day before where it was close to 8 or something.

5. We started watching House and got through 1 1/2 Seasons before Mr. H was like I get enough medical drama at work so we went back to nature documentaries and The Nanny which I love. I get to watch the same shows I did as a kid but now I can stay up late and eat snacks on the couch while I do with no mom telling me about bed times.

6. Speaking of awesome stuff from the 90’s today I could not go back to sleep after Mr. H left for work so I curled up on the couch with my iPad and put on Charmed. Ahhh brings back so many memories and makes me miss clothes that are long gone and I could never fit into now anyways.

7. I often do not think of Mr. H and I being from different countries, I guess after all these years I am just used to it. Well last night he was feeling nostalgic I guess and started playing all sorts of techno dance music and I was like O yeah you are from Europe and when you used to go out this stuff would play. I kept trying to hold in my laughter because it is just so funny to see him listen to it instead of his usual metal and rock.

8. The youngest of my brothers is 13 and has been emailing me lately and they are so fun and refreshing to read. He just types out what is on his mind with no pretenses and is so excited about life. My mom took him to a used/vintage clothes store we used to go to but from his email it was like they discovered it Indiana Jones style and could I imagine how amazing it was and he got a vintage t shirt for school.  Also I told him about my lunch at the mall and he had no idea what a panini was which made me reflect on how what is so obvious to me at 29 is still all new and waiting to be found for him.

9. Tonight we are having hot wings and pizza which we are making at home and is fun but I really miss our place in Newport Beach sometimes and how we could just order a pizza and hot wings for less than $20 and get it right to our door.

10. I had to have ten bullet points because it needed to be a nice even number, are you like that too?


8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday IV

  1. I could never get into House. I don’t know why. Lots of people love it. Also, good idea linking that post in the comments! I should try that out sometime. Good job figuring out the Roman numeral thing ;)

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