Friday!!!!!!! Exciting Things!!!! Yay!!!!!

I am so happy it is Friday, this weekend Mr. H has a proper weekend and we have plans people!

First is going to the grocery store and stocking up on snacks so we can watch this in style tonight:


It has been the talk of our house for weeks. I asked Mr. H last night how many episodes we should watch Friday, and he looked over at my incredulously and said 6. That would be all the episodes if you do not know.

Then on Saturday we are going to make hot wings and drink wine before going out to dinner. We have been planning to go out this weekend since like June and I am so excited it is finally here. The restaurant we are going to serves horse and Mr. H keeps saying he is going to order it but we will see if he does when it comes down to it!

Then Sunday we figure we might be uhhh a bit on the slow moving side, so the only plans we have are to do with dinner. I am making spaghetti, if it was up to Mr. H we would eat spaghetti  every week but that is too much for me so I try to keep it to once a month. It is the perfect meal for a slow Sunday though as it takes very little effort!

Well I have now had two mugs of iced coffee so that explains all the !!!!! Seriously though I am having a serious love affair with iced coffee right now.

And that wraps up all things Friday, hope you have a stupendously wonderful weekend!

O and do not forget to check out the embroidery video I did! it is the perfect cold weather hobby and believe me it will be cold out before we know it!


11 thoughts on “Friday!!!!!!! Exciting Things!!!! Yay!!!!!

  1. Happy weekend!

    I feel ya on the coffee – I made a huge batch of way-too-strong iced coffee that’s been giving me heart palpitations if I’m not careful on the ratio!

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