Into to Embroidery: Part Two with Video Demonstration

Intro to embroidery

Part One

Welcome to part two of my embroidery series, today I will discuss starting and finishing a project for beginners.

– Pick a pattern – For your first project it is best to pick a pattern that has limited small detail and you can finish in a timely manner like the one pictured below.

February embroidery

– Cut your pattern out and iron on – Give yourself enough of an edge to be able to hold it down while ironing while not infringing on the other patterns in the pack. Also making sure only the pattern you want is there, the picture below you can see the pattern number still there which I would first cut away before ironing on.

December embroidery pattern

– Start Stitching!

Really that is all that you need to do to prep once you have all your essentials I mentioned in post one!

As far as stitches go there are many out there and I recommend to pick one and practice it till it becomes second nature before trying a new one.

After the video I will link to two great tutorial for basic stitches.

Intro to Embroidery from Bailie Hemborg on Vimeo.

Sublime Stitching – Back Stitch

Sublime Stitching – Split Stitch

Thanks for watching and reading and please let me know any questions!


5 thoughts on “Into to Embroidery: Part Two with Video Demonstration

    • I will admit I am a very very patient person but this is more about follow through I think. You just put on a show you want to watch and start and you will be surprised how fast it goes.

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