Meals of the Week – Spicy Coleslaw Beef Wraps

This week I got a bit grumpy with Mr. H while planning which was unfair as he only said he did not care for something I was planning. I sometimes find it hard to remember that it is not only me eating what I cook and especially if he tries to come up with something else I need to listen!

Monday – Beef Bowls with Broccoli

Tuesday – Sweet and Sour Pork

Wednesday – Thai Red Curry

Thursday – Chicken, Mash, and Green Beans – We had this on Sunday too!

Friday – BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Potato Salad

Saturday – Eating Out!!!!

Sunday – Spaghetti


Spicy Coleslaw beef wraps

I made this week and was ready to eat my three and then Mr. H’s three then go to the store to make more!


Thinly sliced and seasoned beef – I used about 300 grams

1/2 small head of cabbage

1 carrot

1 1/2 dl grädfill – you can also use creme fraiche or a food yogurt

Hot sauce – I used sriracha

1 tomato diced

1/3 of a cucumber diced

Juice from 1/2 a lemon

Crumbly salty cheese like salladost, feta, or cotija

Tortillas or other flat bread of your choice

What to do:

Finely shred the cabbage and carrot, I used my food processor, then combine with the juice from the lemon, grädfill, hot sauce, and salt. Once combined and taste tested refrigerate.

Grill meat either on the stove or BBQ, I used our ridged grill pan, and cut into thin slices.

grilled meat

Layer tortillas with coleslaw, meat, veggies and then cheese!


11 thoughts on “Meals of the Week – Spicy Coleslaw Beef Wraps

  1. Yum!! I know what you mean about listening to your other half, though if mine had his way all we’d ever eat is Shepherds Pie, ever!

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