Sunday Currently – Julys End

avon gorge

How wonderful would it be to be floating along a river in a boat today? So wonderful in case you were unsure, so wonderful.

Reading: I just finished a collection of short stories, Partners in Crime, featuring my second and third favorite Agatha Christie characters. If you have never read any of her Tommy and Tuppence work I highly suggest it as they are so quirky. It was my 11th Christie book this year and I have two more in line!

Writing: The second part of my Intro to Embroidery series, I am trying to decide if I should add a short video to it as well.

Listening: To Debussy, before Mr. H went to work he had on some metal playlist and once he left I switched over to classical. The two support each other rather well though.

Thinking: About fall non-stop, it is getting out of hand but today at breakfast I told Mr. H in detail my perfect fall Sunday so hopefully he stored it in the memory bank for October.

Smelling: Summer, the sun is baking the trees and grass so it smells very naturey at the moment.

Wishing: Will you stop reading right now if I say cooler weather? Ok fine how about I am wishing that warm weather motivated me, I know some people thrive on the warmth and sun but it drains me.

Hoping: That the cold brewed coffee I am going to attempt tonight works out well!

Wearing: My one and only summer dress, it is blue and white striped so I feel rather jaunty when I wear it.

Loving: Peanut M&M’s, they were on special this week and they are just such little pieces of heavenly goodness.

Wanting: The leftovers I sent to work with Mr. H, they were such good wraps I made last night that if I could I would have hoarded it all to myself.

Needing: An attitude adjustment, there is only so much wallowing in heat induced melancholy a 29 yr old can do before every blog post is a rant and the house needs some serious attention.

Feeling: Well I think we covered that one already.

Watching: Being Human, the UK version, have you seen this show? I am totally hooked and cannot stop watching even though it gives me some crazy dreams I just have to know what is going to happen to Annie, George, and Mitchell (especially Mitchell).


5 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Julys End

  1. I’m with you on the heat. I live on an island without seasons and people are always looking at me like a crazy woman when I say I miss the cold.

    Love me some Agatha Christie but I’ve only read a couple of the Tommy and Tuppence one. I was always more diehard Poirot and my mom was always rooting for Miss Marple – it’s who she still says she wants to be when she gets old so she can “dither” and knit and cause all kinds of trouble.

  2. Poor thing :( it does sound crazy warm over there. I can understand why you want fall to be here; plus fall is beautiful too. I’m actually dreading winter. Like I was just telling my husband that we should move south!

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