Heatful Thursday (Thoughtful Thursday with my thoughts all scrambled from heat)

cider proverb

1. Love this random proverb I came across online

2. My husband is just so cute

3. Cider really is awesome and if you agree you should try these two

4. This is my post today because my brain is on hold function from the heat

5. I think that is why I did bad in school I just decided, it was just too hot for my to focus in geometry it had nothing to do with my total lack of caring about math it was because it was hot

6. I just put 7 and then was like wait 7 is not after 5, see math and heat do not mix in head well

7. I have a rug hanging over the side of the balcony and for some reason it looks really I live in Europe to me

8. Everytime I try and type balcony it kept coming out baloney which is pretty different

9. Today when I got dressed I just put on a long tank top and then was like ehhhh that will do who needs bottoms

10. Goodreads is being a butthead and not letting me log in so sad


7 thoughts on “Heatful Thursday (Thoughtful Thursday with my thoughts all scrambled from heat)

  1. Haha, this is a perfect post. My brains get like scrambled eggs in the heat, too. It’s supposed to rain soon, though, and hopefully cool down!!! Hope it will there, too!

    • Such a silly thing but it drove me crazy till I figured out it was because I was signed into a different Facebook account than the Goodreads account is connected too!

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