I Am Complaining About The Weather



I could so go for about a gallon of  iced tea right right now. Even though I am from Southern California which is warm I just really hate being hot. You would really think I would be used to it but I just really hate it. When I was a teenager I used to tell anyone that would listen that I could not wait to move somewhere that was cold and when they would inevitably ask if I would miss the beach I would say that is what vacation is for!

So I moved somewhere with a really long cold winter and never even considered the hot humid summer.

Tomorrow I am going to the mall and just sitting in there for the AC. Well I think they have AC I am not usually hot when I am there, either way though it will be better than my apartment with no AC or fans.

So yeah this is a whole post about how I am hot and grumpy!!!

Are you hot and grumpy too?

I think I will go watch TV now and pretend it is winter, mind over matter right….


8 thoughts on “I Am Complaining About The Weather

  1. Ha, you would laugh because I am so waiting for the cold. I blame the small child inside me but seriously, all I want to do is wear shorts (but I am not going to waist money on maternity shorts for 1 month) and a tank top and watch t.v. The one upside of working is there is AC, the downside is I have to dress like a human.

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