Sunday Currently – The Post Birthday Weekend

Fredrik breakfast july

This week Mr. H had to work 6 days so it feels like I have barely seen him but he really did give me such a great birthday. This is our breakfast we had on Friday, he went down the store while I was still sleeping and bought fresh rolls, veggies, brie, and lunch meat from the deli. It was so fun and felt like we were on vacation and was a great start to the day.

Reading: The Third Girl by Agatha Christie, the cover is really creepy and so I keep putting it face down on my nightstand!

Listening: To a really awesome playlist on Spotify called Have A Great Day!, it is filled with songs you know all the words to so I have been having a great sing along with myself this morning.

Thinking: What I should get with my birthday money, being far away from all of our relatives means money for birthday presents and that I should go to the mall and see what is there! I am thinking of getting a new apron and some hair dye.

Smelling: Coffee, if I did not need to wash the French Press I think I would make myself more but tea is easier!

Wishing: I had enough money to fly my brothers out to see me, I Skyped with them on Friday and kept thinking how much they would love it here in Sundsvall.

Hoping: For a peaceful evening of Scrabble playing and finally having some time with Mr. H.

Wearing: If I could I would just be sitting here in my bathing suit but alas it is in California, not but seriously I cannot wait for cooler weather and sweater wearing.

Loving: Instagramming, seriously though it is so cliche but it is so fun!

Wanting: To not be sweaty anymore, you know how there are people who move with the sun I think I would like to do the opposite. Live constantly where the weather is in the fifties constantly sounds great.

Needing: A good walk, I want to get out and stretch my legs but like I said above the sweat factor is just too much right now.

Feeling: So very happy from all the birthday messages, the internet is so great that way makes you feel so special having birthday messages from all over the world!

Watching: This week we have been watching a couple episodes of The Nanny before bed and it makes me laugh so much, I remember watching it as a kid and I think we are enjoying just as much now as we did then.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – The Post Birthday Weekend

  1. Hooray for a fab meal provided by Mr. H. He is the best! (and you can tell him I said that)

    Oh my gosh, The Nanny? I used to love that show so much.

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