The Sights of Bristol

Bristol 1

By the time we got to Bristol on our trip I was pretty sick, honestly the first day all I could think about was being on my couch at home watching Netflix. We had come all that way though so I rallied and we were able to see some great sights.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Mr. H and I love animal centric sights and out of the many we have visited Bristol Zoo Gardens is at the top of the list. The size was wonderful and it was very interactive making the experience really exciting.

Zoo Collage

All animals we saw were very active and in the Twilight World area we saw animals we had never seen or heard of before and the place was totally dark and creepy which was fun to scare each other in!

The only downside was the food was on the bland side from the restaurant but it seemed many people had brought picnics which seemed like a great idea. If you are in the area I would highly suggest a visit.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

After our trip to the zoo we headed over to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge. This link will tell you all the technical details of the bridge so I will not go into all if but I will tell you it was really exciting to walk across. Out of the five of us only three walked across, Mr. H, me, and my grandpa, and we took about half an hour looking at the views and reading the various plaques they had around.

Clifton Downs

While we were being adventurous on the bridge my grandma and aunt sat here on a bench enjoying the views, and apparently some amorous antics of a couple! When we joined them I was bummed I did not have a can of cider and a bag of crisps to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with.

Brunels SS

The last sight we visited was Brunel’s ss Great Britain which was amazing. Not only do you get to walk around the fully restored boat that had interactive exhibits, there is a museum complete with dress up chest and picture back drop, but the whole area is done up to make it feel like you are getting on the boat like the passengers would have. O yeah and we got to go into the library area and have grad students show us old slides which I loved and the guides were super friendly and informative.

ss great britain collage

We spent at least two hours exploring what was on offer and then sat in their little cafe having a cold drink and enjoying the view of the river. The only thing we found a bit tricky was getting there, we took the bus and it was not a great experience but we left via water taxi which was great and what I would recommend.

We really enjoyed the sights we saw in Bristol and they would make a great vacation for just about anybody!


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