Some of This and That

I have like 5 half done posts but today I am a total funk so finishing them is way past my current brain function. So here is some this and that instead that is clogging up my thinking.

H&M sale finds

-Yesterday we went to town for lunch and check out the summer sales. I got this loot at H&M for super cheap and was so excited!

Shampoo and Conditioner – originally 39.50 each were on sale for 10 each

Nail Polish – originally 39.50 was also 10

Perfume – originally 49.50 was also 10

So what would have cost 168 kr ($24.70)  I got for 40 kr ($5.87)!!!!

The shampoo and conditioner smell really good too and I am so bummed I have to wait and use up the ones I already have open!

I think I will head back after I get some birthday money and see what is left.

O and when we were looking Mr. H was super excited about the hair stuff and perfume and then was like do you need more nail polish and the look he got made him not say anything else! I mean really of course I need more nail polish what kind of question is that?!?!

-This past weekend Mr. H’s sister gave him her old iphone 4 which is in perfect condition which means I got Mr. H’s old iphone so I am no longer a blogger without a smart phone!

That also means I am once again back to the world of instagramming, I know priorities right not like being able to reached easily is important or anything. Honestly my mom called yesterday and was like what is your deal with never having a phone on and I was like no I will now and secretly in my head I was like so I can instagram but outloud was like to talk to you mom!  So if you want follow me and see all the really exciting things like me reading on the couch and my post nap face you can!

Instagram – hemborgwife

-There are so many dishes that need to be washed that if I keep procrastinating I will not eat dinner till midnight since I cannot stand cooking in a dirty kitchen.

– I also should workout but I took a nap and I never take naps so I am going to pretend I took a nap because I am sick and therefore cannot work out today. Seems smart to me.

– I just listened to tons of Simon and Garfunkel without realizing it, do you ever do that put on something in this case it was Joan Baez and then suddenly you realize that ended like 4o minutes ago and now you are listening to something totally different?

– I am sad I have no ice cream.

Talk later


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