Package Week!!

This week I was lucky enough to get two packages in the mail! If I had tons of money I would just send people stuff all the time since getting mail is one of the most exciting things ever. It makes your whole day/week to know someone thought of you and it was not just bills and ads through the slot.

box one

The first box was from my grandparents and filled with yummy but o so bad for you treats and books! That bowl of the cutest Tootsie Rolls ever just might be way less full! They just mysteriously end up in my hand already unwrapped and ready to eat! Ok fine one package of the noodles and one of the books have already been read too and half the cocktail sausage things too, it is some sort of package sickness that I need to see how much I can consume in a day. My grandparents really know the way to my heart hehehehehe

Anna Mae Studios Package

The second was from Annie with the cutest set of cards from her Etsy shop Anna Mae Studios. Not only are the cards super cute and versatile she wrote out the name and address on the package so cute I want to cut it out and keep it! Also now with some cute new cards  to go along with them I am thinking I need to get on some projects I want to send out!

Have an awesome weekend! My plans involve some chocolate ice cream and Netflix!

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