Summer Blogging Mojo

Do you find that your desire to blog goes down in summer? I do, it is the heat I think or the fact that the only thing I want to do it drink cold beverages and do nothing which makes for a boring blog post.

Two things that help me are link ups and questions! It helps to have a direction set for you a bit like those prompts your teacher would give you in school and you could draw a picture above it. I loved those so much well except for the one time I forgot to color the fish and tried to tell my teacher they were albino fish which did not go over too well.

These are a few link ups that I love to either read or participate in!

1. Sunday Currently – I love this way to go over what I am currently doing and looking back on them is really nice

2. Weekly Wishes – I love this one as a way to keep accountable to various ideas floating around in my head

3. The School of Life – I really like reading these posts even though I have not done one yet I always plan on it

4. Humpday Confessions – Also one that I have not yet done but I love reading as they are so funny

5. Life is Good – Leave it to Belinda to come up with a link up all about good stuff

Now onto questions, we all know about the Liebster award right which I love and was recently given by Emma! In addition to how fun and writing motivating it is to answer questions it is also nice to get a little notice of people liking you right? Well that is why I am introducing the Summer Blogging Mojo Questions! They are silly, goofy, or fun which is perfect for summer!

summer blogging mojo

1. Would you rather forget your chapstick or hairband at home and not be able to get one all day?

2. If you were to invent a new popsicle what would it be called and flavored?

3. What song do you dance to around like crazy when home alone?

4. What is your favorite summer drink?

5. Would your rather not shave your legs all summer or your armpits?

6. What is your favorite summer memory from childhood?

7. What is your most embarrassing swimming experience I mean those tops do like to fly off?

8. What are your top 5 snack foods you know the weird ones like american cheese melted on saltines?

9. Really how much are you already yearning for winter and its sweet release from the heat?

10. Share a picture that sums up summer for you!

Answer the questions in a group or take the ones you like and use them for blogging prompts and feel free to use little miss bee up there with your post!

8 thoughts on “Summer Blogging Mojo

  1. What a fun idea!! I like the questions! Winter never…summer everyday! Thanks so much for including our little link up!!! You are the best :) I’m having trouble being able to sit down and write lately…too much going on :)

  2. what a great list… it seems like lately I’ve lost a little bloggin’ mojo, and not sure really how to get out of the funk! Maybe after just over 5 years of blogging I’ve run out of things to say?

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