A Plus One For Ginger Drinks

When I was a kid I loved ginger ale, I always felt that the it was kinda lame though like I should prefer orange soda or something. Then when I came to Sweden it was not even in the normal soda aisle but with the mixers I mean come on people it is yummy!

stones ginger joe

So I was so excited when Mr. H came home with this ginger beer! It tastes seriously just like a really good glass of ginger ale and so refreshing for summer. I did have to keep reminding myself to drink it slow as it does have alcohol in it but it was just 4% so I could reasonably of had quite a few more ;)

honey whiskey ginger drink

In even more ginger news a few weeks ago we made drinks with some of the honey whiskey my family brought for us. We used one part whiskey to three parts of the alcohol free ginger beer and then a squeeze of fresh lime juice and tons of ice. It was delicious and I cannot wait to make it again, just need to wait for Mr. H to have a day off where we can party!!

So tell me do you think ginger ale and the like is only for being sick and flying or do you love it like me?


12 thoughts on “A Plus One For Ginger Drinks

  1. Ha, ha I do associate being sick and flying with ginger ale :) I like it though and use to drink it at home sometimes when we still kept soda in the house. I’ve only tried ginger beer once and found it too strong (almost spicy) but I’ve been told it just depends on the brand.

  2. I was always the weirdo who liked ginger ale too, even though to everyone else it was just what you had when you were sick. I love that ginger joe stuff, when we finish drinking it we tear of the moustaches and wear them, because, why not?

  3. Oh my god, that cocktail sounds amazing! Must get my hands on some ingredients!

    (Also, I’ve definitely spent $5 on a can of ginger ale in Moscow. Worth it when I felt so sick!)

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