Sunday Currently – Into July

Photo on 7-4-14 at 2.53 PM #2

You might have already seen this picture on Twitter but just in case I did not want you to miss out on the hilariousness that was awaiting me Friday in my bag of gummy bears!

Also can you believe it is already the 6th of July that means my birthday is coming soon and I will be so far into my late twenties that it might be giving me slight anxiety!

Reading: Well I checked out three books from the library last week and not one has really grabbed me so I turned to the ever present Agatha Christie and am loving her stories about Mr. Parker Pyne.

Listening: To Over the Rhine, Mr. H is in the living room watching a Swedish movie so I am cooking away to some nice peaceful music in the kitchen.

Thinking: How wonderful nature is, I am so happy we decided to stay in Sundsvall for the summer. I am just loving all the wildflowers and random summer thunderstorms.

Smelling: Garlic and rosemary, they are the perfect accompaniment to potatoes I think.

Wishing: For a smooth week all around, Mr. H has tons going on and I do not want to let it throw me off my own schedule.

Hoping: That I handle a new situation well and can stay present and not in my head.

Wearing: Anything cool and breezy, the weather realized it was summer and so cotton is king right now.

Loving: This peaceful weekend we have had, it was the perfect mix of together and solo time with good food and drinks.

Wanting: To know what my birthday present is!!

Needing: To get back into my workout routine, I am trying to not let it bug me and just start fresh on Monday.

Feeling: That marriage is just about the best thing in the world.

Watching: Last night we watched Bernie with Jack Black, it was a funny movie but not really what I was in the mood for movie night. Tonight we might watch Garden State since Mr. H has never seen it and that is just crazy!


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