Thoughtful Thursday III

thoughtful thursday

Ready for some grab bag thoughts today with lots of exclamation remarks and TV talk?

1. Today I did not shower till 2 PM so the only logical thing to do was put on clean PJ’s. I mean I am not going anywhere so I might as well be comfortable right!!

2. I love staying in hotels but I am not usually a fan of where they have mirrors. You see yourself in all sorts of angles that you do not at home and that is usually a good thing. I mean why do they put them right in front of the toilets!?!?!

3. Last night we were feeling cooped up at home and the sun was out so we decided to go out to dinner. We sat out on the patio and guess why by the time our pizza arrived it was raining! It was so funny we ended up huddling under the umbrella with a blanket which ended up being really romantic!

4. Yesterday Mr. H went to the mall and bought my birthday present which is now in his nightstand and driving me crazy!!! He asked if I wanted it now but I said no I will wait till my birthday but now I really want to know what it is!

5. I am thinking of changing my workout schedule from a set 5 days a week to whenever Mr. H is at work. Last fall when he was studying I would also do something productive so I think I will use that technique this summer for working out. That way I still workout enough but get to spend all the quality time I can with Mr. H when he is not at work.

6. I really want to dye my hair soon but am not sure what to do, I usually go for black or maroon but I think I want to do something totally different. Maybe some highlights or something but since we are going to do it at home I am not sure if Mr. H is quite up to the challenge.

7. I finished Eureka and am now watching Warehouse 13 which is great but makes me feel very geeky! I think next I should watch something not Sci Fi related!

8. In other TV news we tried watching Orange is the New Black and only got through half the first episode as it made me so anxious. I could not handle the whole normal type lady going to prison so another show we will be out of the loop on.

9. In even more TV news I cannot wait for the final season of The Killing to start in August! The lead male character is played by a Swedish actor which just adds to the shows awesomeness!

10. When my grandparents came they brought me some Jello packets and they have been so good, even better Mr. H does not like it so I get to eat it all up by myself!


8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday III

  1. I shower and put back on PJs all the time if I know I’m just going to be at home :) I swear when I was reading how you needed a non sci-fi show I was thinking maybe she would like The Killing…too funny!

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